In the recent years safety of female ‌students, especially foreign female students, has become a major concern. With the rising cases of harassment and abuse against females around the world, women are anxious about travelling abroad for studies. Even some developed countries had failed to ensure the complete safety of foreign female students. But not all countries are unsafe for females.

In the list of countries that are suitable and safer for female international students, Australia is one of the safest countries in the world. A high level of security to all the civilians and a good living standard are the factors that contribute to make Australia a safe country for everyone.

Is Australia a Safe Country? 

The Australian government has made particular policies for women’s safety from crimes like violence, sexual harassment, sexism, and racial slurs that make Australia a safe country for students around the world. Violent crimes against females based on racial discrimination and homicide are extremely rare. This makes Australia a safe destination for female international students.

The Australian government takes the safety of its international students ‌seriously and actively takes part in debates about the problems that overseas students have to face. 

With its social cohesion, Australia welcomes overseas students of many cultures and origins to study there, while respecting their traditions and cultures. The public places in Australia are very safe for females. 

A great majority of the international students who have visited the country deem it extremely safe for them. They have praised the safety measures that the country takes to make it a safe destination for female international students.

Statistics About the Safety of Australia

A few statistics about Australia that prove it is a safe destination for female international students

According to a report presented by the Global Peace Index in 2021 Australia:

  • Ranks 8th best country in terms of quality of life
  • There are two cities in Australia that consistently rank among the top 10 safest in the world: Sydney and Melbourne.
  • Ranks 80th out of 142 countries in the crime index

Many features make Australia one of the safest countries in the world, such as a stable economy, high employment rate, an efficient political system, and a powerful state of law and order. So the answer to the question “Is Australia a safe country?” is yes! Australia is indeed a safe country for female students most of the times.

Tips to Ensure Your Safety

Although the laws and regulations make Australia a safe country for international students, like all other countries, it still has some safety concerns. These concerns are impossible to extinguish.

While studying abroad is an exciting new experience, many students leaving their home country are ‌concerned about their safety. While Australians live in a safe country, it’s still necessary to take precautions to protect yourself, especially if you’re in an unfamiliar setting. 

Avoid Walking Alone at Night

Australia is a safe country, but even the safest places in the world have some cases of violence or harassment, especially during the nighttime. Most of the crime are recorded at night time. It’s the time where pick pocketers or dangerous criminals are active. You should avoid walking alone at night. If it’s inevitable, then take a friend with you. Always be aware of your surroundings and stay active. Especially avoid walking in dark and secluded alleyways or parks at night.

Prepare for Emergencies

If there is an emergency call at 000, Australian Standard Emergency Number. This contact can ‌call for help or ambulances, police, firefighters, and other emergency services. When you call them, the operator will connect you to the department that is related to your emergency state.

Be mentally prepared on how to cope with crisis. You can take training on emergency situations or learn how to cope with such unpleasant situations on the internet. Although you may be scared if you were ever faced with difficult situations but these training exercises can help you deal better with the emergency‌.

Avoid Unwanted Attention

Everyone like a little show-off but when you are outside alone, try to attract less attention. Don’t show off your expensive possessions or things that can attract potential criminals. You should be careful, especially when you are alone. 

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On the Streets, Be Smart

Explore your surroundings when you are out with your friends during the day. Be aware of the streets and roads and learn your way around. Remember the locations of public transport stations, local marts, and malls. Cross roads carefully and follow the traffic rules. Keep your mobile phone with you at all times. 

Establish Boundaries

Be vocal about your comfort level. Don’t let others intrude into your personal space. If someone makes you feel uncomfortable, distance yourself from them. Your safety and comfort should be your top priority. If you find yourself among toxic people, don’t be late to leave the bad company and make healthy connections. 

Self-Defense Devices

There are several options available for self-defense tools like pepper spray, mini flashlight, a taser or you can even use a sharp pencil or ball point if the need arises. You also need to know basic self defense to protect yourself. Your self defense training can boost your confidence and self efficacy. It will mentally prepare you for an attack by surprising and overpowering the opponent. 

Your safety comes first. Don’t let any activity harm you‌. Enjoy your time, but in ways that will be safe for you. Many things make Australia a safe country for female international students, but there are bad people everywhere on the earth. You don’t know when a difficult situation may arise. Just be prepared beforehand and try not to endanger yourself and others with reckless decisions. 

Are you Interested in Applying for a Study Visa in Australia?

By now, you know ‌Australia is a safe country for international ‌female students except for some rare adverse events which can happen almost anywhere in the world. Despite the fact that you’re moving to a new place, the country can provide you with the safety that you deserve and you can easily continue your studies. 

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