Australia Student Visa (Subclass 500) – Requirements and Process


If you belong to Asia (Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal), and intend to aspire your educational dreams in Australia? Study Visa (Subclass 500) is your gateway to a world-class academic institution in Australia.

Attending any university offers a unique experience and knowledge that can change your life. To enhance this experience, there is an option for some students to study abroad. For those who look forward to doing so, apply for a study visa.

Australian universities offer a variety of study programs and scholarships to international students throughout the year. According to the Department of Home Affairs, overseas students must acquire a valid and relevant visa category before starting their study programs in Australia. For this purpose, you must hold a study or student visa, named as “subclass 500”.


What is Subclass 500 Study Visa?

Study Visa Subclass 500 is designed for the study purpose in Australia. It permits the international students to come to Australia and study at their favorite Australian university. Several students across the world come and complete their undergrad, master’s, and PhD education each year, in Australia. Apart from this, you can get employment opportunities and even PR in Australia based on your study visa.


Types of Study Visas Australia for International Students

Student visa is designated for international students studying in Australia. There are several study pathways that a student can avail of through this Australian study visa. These pathways are divided into different streams, such as:

  • Subclass 500: Student Visa
  • Subclass 590: Student Guardian Visa
  • Subclass 485: Temporary Graduate Visa


1. Subclass 500: Student Visa

The study visas Subclass 500 are designed for overseas students to come and study in their respective enrolled courses at Australian universities. This visa allows the student to participate in their favorite program of study and stay in Australia until the completion of their course. These study programs include lots of language-intensive classes, short courses, and trainings as well. The duration of the subclass 500 student visa is five years, but it may also depends on the type of course you choose.


2. Subclass 590: Student Guardian Visa

The Student Guardian visa (subclass 590) is designed for parents, legal guardians, or relatives who intend to accompany their dependent child or children in Australia. This visa allows the guardians to remain in Australia with international students holding study visas (subclass 500). The length of subclass 590 will be based on the student’s age, stay, and course duration.


2. Subclass 485: Temporary Graduate Visa

The Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485) allows international students to live, study, and work in Australia temporarily after completing their studies. This stream is designed for international students who have completed a CRICOS-registered course and want to stay in Australia after graduation. This visa stream also offers a pathway to get permanent residency (PR) and several benefits to eligible graduates. It is divided into four different streams that can be your pathway to Australia, such as:

  • Graduate Work Stream 
  • Post-Study Work stream
  • Second Post-Study Work stream
  • Replacement Stream


Note: The replacement stream is for those current and former temporary graduate visa holders who have lost their time because of COVID-19 travel restrictions. This stream will help you to live, work, and study in Australia for a temporary period.


Eligibility Criteria for Australia Subclass 500 Visa

Here are the eligibility criteria to apply for an Australian study visa. You need to meet the given requirements:


  • To meet an Australian visa’s requirements, choosing a CRICOS-approved university is essential.
  • Send an application and provide a support application, and then the institution will send an offer letter.
  • After receiving the letter, you must send a confirmation of enrollment.
  • An English language proficiency score is also required.
  • It is essential to provide a personal statement of genuine temporary entry (GTE) to ensure you intend to study instead of getting PR in Australia.


How do You Apply for an Australian Study Visa Subclass 500 visa?

Each visa or pathway has its own application process, eligibility criteria, and requirements that may vary based on various factors.


1. Australia Student Visa Subclass 500 Document Checklist

Your documents are among the most essential things you must submit for your student visa (subclass 500) in Australia. If you may forget to include them, your application may be returned or rejected. So, it is essential to make a checklist to avoid the hazards and chances of rejection.

According to the Department of Home Affairs, international students must check the following:


  • You have completed the Australian student visa application form (157A).
  • You have paid the visa application fee, which is currently AU$620 (~US$420) in most cases.
  • You have submitted a copy of the passport biodata page (some students may be asked to provide their passport physically).
  • You have received a certificate of enrollment or letter of offer.
  • You have evidence of sufficient funds.
  • You have evidence of health insurance coverage.
  • You have obtained English proficiency test results (required marks for the visa).
  • Criminal record check results
  • You have four recent passport-sized photographs.


2. Documents Required to Apply for a Study Visa in Australia

For an Australian student visa (subclass 500) application, you must submit the following documents:


  1. You must submit a valid passport issued by your home country.
  2. You must submit your national ID card (CNIC).
  3. You must also submit your fresh photographs and biometrics.
  4. The study visa application should be filled out and submitted along with other required documents. 
  5. The applicants must be at a certain age when they are going to start their primary, secondary, and territory education, such as:
    • 18 years old at the time of beginning school on the 10th.
    • Younger than 19 years old when they start year 11 of the school.
    • Twenty years older at the start of the 12th year of their school.
  1. An acceptance letter from your preferred Australian university or organization.
  2. A Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE).
  3. Language proficiency evidence, such as the IELTS or PTE test score.
  4. Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE).
  5. Evidence of financial resources and stability.
  6. Character requirements certificates.
  7. Parental consent is required if you are under the age of 18.


Student Visa Australia Processing Time in 2024

Study visa processing time is a time frame for processing visa applications. Visa processing may be different based on various categories. Generally, it takes months to process a study visa in Australia, but it can also take longer than expected. However, the typical processing time for study visas in Australia (subclass 500) is:


Streams 25% 50% 75% 90%
Foreign Affairs or Defense Sector 11 days 33 days 20 days 26 days
Postgraduate Research Sector 14 days 35 days 39 days 77 days
Independent ELICOS Sector 6 days 24 days 23 days 38 days
Vocational Education and Training Sector 24 days 87 days 36 days 52 days
Higher Education Sector 11 days 19 days 17 days 32 days


Benefits of Study Visa Subclass 500

Several students complete their undergrad, master’s, and PhD education each year. Apart from this, you can get employment opportunities and even PR in Australia based on your study visa. To learn more about how to get PR after student visa subclass 500 just stay with me till the end. Let’s discuss some of the benefits below:


1. High-quality Education

Overseas students will get a chance to obtain a high-quality education at the world’s most renowned educational institutions. Australian universities and academic institutes are ranked highly among the top-rated universities in the world, such as:

  • The Australian National University is ranked 31st.
  • The University of Sydney is ranked 40.
  • The University of Melbourne is ranked at 41.
  • The University of Queensland is ranked 46th.


2. Employment Opportunities

An Australian study visa might be your gate to accessing employment opportunities you would not have had before. An Australian study visa allows international students to find various work opportunities in Australia during and after the course work or program of study. Though there are certain work hour limits based on the study type and duration of the program, it can help you cover your expenses while you study in Australia.


3. Wide Range of Courses

Holding a study visa in Australia allows you to choose various study courses from Australian universities. From medical to engineering, research options to skilled-based training, subclass 500 opens up many educational opportunities.


4. Language Proficiency

Apart from high-quality education and career opportunities, Australia is considered a growing destination in terms of language proficiency because it is a great place to put your English proficiency to the test. It is the world’s third-most popular English-speaking country besides the United States and the United Kingdom, where 73% of the population speaks English. International students with subclass 500 will be able to enhance their language skills in Australia.


5. An International Exposure

Studying in Australia provides invaluable international exposure, offering students a unique blend of academic excellence and cultural diversity. Beyond the high-quality educational settings, students also have the opportunity to interact with the multicultural community. It will provide them with international exposure and enhance their capability to work in global markets.


6. Low Cost of Living and Fee Structure

Besides cultural diversity, friendly natives, and a high quality of education, Australia offers high standards of living to people from overseas around the world. Compared to other countries, Australia’s living and study expenses are lower for international students.

The average cost of a Student Visa subclass 500 is AUD 560 in Australia, which is considerably lower than in other countries. Additionally, international students can get scholarship opportunities and be allowed to do part-time work to afford their living expenses in Australia.


Note: This tuition fee may vary based on the location, university, and type of program, but it will remain the same, throughout your study period.


What are the Student Visa Subclass 500 Work Limitations?

While offering valuable work exposure, the students must ensure that their primary focus will remain on their studies. During this stay, students who are Visa 500 holders can work for some limited hours. According to this, students holding subclass 500 can work 48 hours per week during the session.

After the new changes and re-introduction, student visas are subject to either 8104 or 8105 conditions that allow the students to work under the following conditions:

  • Student visa subclass 500 condition 8104: According to the 8104 condition, you cannot work more than 40 hours a fortnight unless you are a dependent visa holder like a family member of a student.
  • Student visa subclass 500 condition 8105: According to the 8105 condition , you cannot work in Australia before starting your study course unless at the time of applying for this visa, you may have another visa that allowed you to work in Australia.


Since July 1, 2023, work restrictions for study visa holders have been reintroduced and capped at the increased rate of 48 hours per fortnight. However, students were relaxed throughout the pandemic COVID-19 that was completely removed in January 2022, in which primary and secondary study visa holders were allowed to work more than their normal work hours limit of 40 hours per fortnight to fill the gap in the skill shortage in Australia.


Note: International students and their dependents, if any, can work after the commencement of their courses in Australia. Overseas students and their families must follow the work-hour restrictions set out in your visa conditions.


How to get permanent residency with a student visa in Australia?

Each year, 10,000 students around the globe opt Australia as their educational destination. Australia’s world-class education, better living standards, and career opportunities persuade students to live in Australia permanently. But it is required to get permanent residency before calling Australia your home country.

For this purpose, there are several pathways available, but international students can apply for the Post Study Work Visa through the Graduate Stream of the subclass 485 visa. A work visa may last 2 to 4 years after completing a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate. It is an excellent pathway for those students who want to stay permanently or extend their stay in Australia after their studies. This visa stream allows you to travel freely inside and outside the country.


Note: To know more about the requirements, eligibility criteria, and other information, read this blog post.


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Q1: How do I extend a student visa to subclass 500 in Australia?

To extend a student visa subclass 500 in Australia, you must apply for a new visa before your current student visa expires.


Q2: What is a student visa subclass 500 secondary applicant?

A subclass 500 secondary applicant is someone who belongs to the subclass 500 visa holder category, like a spouse, de-factor partner, or dependent child.


Q3: How early can I travel to Australia after being granted a student visa 500?

Once you are granted a study visa subclass 500, you can enter Australia 90 days before starting your course. After arrival, you must notify your university of your resident address within 7 days.


Q4: What is the age limit for student visa in Australia?

There is no upper age limit for study visas in Australia, but you must be 18 years old to be eligible for subclass 500. Because the Australian Government does not consider applicants under the age of 18.  


Q5: Who can sponsor for student visa in Australia?

Your family members who are citizens or permanent residents of Australia can sponsor your student visa.