Are you a Pakistani student in the midst of UK student visa processing and need to show your bank statement to the UK authorities? Well, there’s something that requires your attention. There are 5 Pakistani banks that the UKVI has put on their radar for issuing fake bank statements. 

So, you should avoid submitting your bank statement for the UK student visa from any of these banks if you want to increase your chances of being accepted to your dream university in the UK. Read ahead to discover everything about these banks:


1. UBL Bank

The UK released the document in the last week of April 2024. In that document, it was revealed that out of 100 fake bank statements used for student visas, 10% were from UBL Bank. This raised an alarming signal that caused the UK authorities to intervene in UBL’s bank statement. 

So, as a Pakistani student, you have to make sure to steer clear of this bank while presenting your financial documents to the UK authorities. 


2. MCB Bank

The second bank banned by the UKVI is MCB. According to a document released by the UK embassy, MCB Bank contributed to fake bank statements in 7% of student visa cases.

Hence, Pakistani students should refrain from using bank statements from this bank to avoid any difficulties or problems when applying for a UK student visa. They should also make sure that all the financial documents submitted as part of the visa application process are authentic and meet the standards required by the UK.


3. The National Bank of Pakistan

The National Bank of Pakistan was also included in the list of bank statement forgeries for UK student visas. According to the document, the National Bank of Pakistan accounts for 5% of the fake bank statements provided by Pakistani students. 


4. Faysal Bank

It has also been noted that about 4% of the counterfeit bank statements from Pakistani students are from Faysal Bank.

Therefore, to avoid such problems, Pakistani students should not use bank statements from Faysal Bank when applying for student visas to the UK. You should also make sure that the financial documents you submit to UK authorities are all genuine and meet the set criteria. Otherwise, the UK government will take strict action against your UK student visa application.


5. Allied Bank

The document from the UK embassy also named Allied Bank as one of the Banking institutions involved in providing fake bank statements, with 4% of the fake financial documents being associated with this bank.


The Importance of Genuine Financial Documents for UK Student Visa Applications

Students who have provided fake bank statements through all of the above-mentioned banks have spoiled not only the reputation of these banks but also of Pakistani students in front of the UK authorities. This is the reason why these banks are under scrutiny by British authorities.

Thus, if you submit your bank statement through any of these banks, you might experience a longer study visa processing time. This is because the UKVI will take a while to cross-check your financial documents. So, you need to explore other Pakistani banks to provide your bank statement for the UK study visa. 

Moreover, it is really important for Pakistani students to make sure that every financial document attached to the UK study visa application is genuine and fulfills all the criteria that the UK authorities seek. If you fail to do so, your UK student visa will be rejected. 

In addition, the bank through which you have provided the fraudulent bank statement will also take action against you. This means that you might not be able to open your account in any of the Pakistani banks your whole life. 

This sounds extremely serious! 

So, refrain from bank statement forgeries and maximize your chance of studying at a highly reputable university in the UK. 


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How do I choose the right UK-approved bank for me?

In order to select the right UK-approved bank for your financial documents, you should research and compare the services they offer. In addition, you should also assess factors like their account types, currency conversion rates, customer support, and whether the bank will provide the required documents for your UK student visa application.


Can I use my parent’s bank statement for a UK visa?

Yes, you can. However, if you are providing your parents’ or guardians’ bank statements, you will have to provide your birth certificate that will prove your relationship with them. Furthermore, you will also need to include a signed and dated letter from them in which they’ll provide their consent to give you the funds required for your study in UK.


How much bank statement for UK student visa from Pakistan is required?

You will have to demonstrate that you have adequate funds to support your stay and studies in the UK for the duration of your course. On average, Pakistani students need to show a bank statement for 8 million PKR to the British government for UK Student visa.