Have you received the confirmation of acceptance letter from the university of your dreams in the UK? Congrats! It’s no doubt amazing news. You must be so excited to start a new life in Great Britain.

But wait for a second.

There are a few things that need your consideration before you start packing your suitcases. That is the accommodation in UK for international students. Whether it is on-campus living or exploring options beyond its bounds, it is better to access every aspect.

There is a diverse spectrum of international student accommodation options in the UK that you can opt for depending on your personal preferences. However, deciding what works best for you can be a little tricky. There’s no right or wrong answer for it. It’s all about what falls in your budget bracket and will suit your lifestyle.


Different Types of Accommodation In UK For International Students

To help you make the right decision, we have compiled a list of accommodation options for you in the UK. It will help you know what to look out for and prepare you to choose the ideal student home in the UK.

Let’s get started!

1. On-Campus Accommodation in UK For International Students

Living on campus is the preferred choice for many international students studying in the UK, as it provides a sense of being at home on university grounds. Most universities in Britain provide their own housing options with shared or private bedrooms and communal spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms.


On-campus accommodation comes with the facility of meal plans. It makes cooking less stressful for residents. On top of that, the greatest aspect is that you are only a few steps away from your classes and all the exciting university events. Additionally, it provides a secure atmosphere where the university closely monitors everything. On-campus accommodation in the UK can cost you around  £472 per month. This amount is quite affordable for most overseas students.


On-campus living is no doubt an inexpensive option. But if you desire private rooms or catered options, it can cost you a lot more. If you go for more luxurious options like a 4-person suite, you may have to pay up to £3,500 per semester.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that there is fierce competition for available spots; therefore, early application increases your likelihood of securing one. Therefore, if on-campus accommodation matches your preferences and lifestyle habits – act quickly!


2. Accommodation Outside the Campus

Off-campus housing is a popular option among numerous international students in the UK, and it’s not difficult to understand why this option is so appealing! 


Facilitated by private landlords, off-campus housing services frequently include shared or personal apartments/houses. If students rent a shared space or are willing to integrate with other roommates, it can be another economical option for them. 

On average, accommodation outside the campus can cost students somewhere around £800 to £1000 a month. Moreover, opting for off-campus living can offer you a sense of independence and privacy that’s often harder to come by when residing on campus.


Now let’s discuss the downsides of on-campus accommodations. Keep in mind that finding the ideal residence outside school quarters may prove more challenging than expected, especially if you’re new to the area. Plus, living on your own can also subject you to some safety concerns. Therefore, take the time to research both your desired neighborhood and landlord before agreeing to anything long-term.


3. Accommodation in a Homestay

Homestay accommodation offers international students an exceptional opportunity to enrich their cultural experience by living with a local family. This type of arrangement typically involves staying in the home of kind and hospitable locals who provide you with things like shelter and food. 


This type of housing offers an ideal platform for language proficiency advancement, and complete exposure to regional norms, values and lifestyle practices. This way, homestay accommodation creates ways to form new friendships that foster invaluable relationships beyond borders. If you opt for this type of housing, then you can expect to pay around £10 to £60 per night.

Homestay accommodation is usually less expensive than on-campus alternatives and comes with the added advantage of meals, making it a wallet-friendly preference for foreign students. In addition to this, homestays are considered safe since host families undergo thorough screenings conducted by the homestay service provider.


It is important to recognize that not everyone may find homestay accommodation suitable. Homestay living arrangements might inhibit the independence and confidentiality that are desired by the majority of students. Furthermore, the distance from the homestay to the university could pose an inconvenience for certain individuals.

4. Halls of Residence for Students in Private Accommodation

Private student halls are also gaining significant popularity among international students in the UK due to purpose-built design with a diverse choice of rooms, ranging from shared spaces to private rooms. Additionally, these accommodations provide areas such as kitchens, lounges and study rooms.


First, let’s discuss the pros of residing in private student residences. It offers both ease and assurance with utilities such as round-the-clock security, laundry amenities, and fitness centers. Furthermore, they are quite near to the university. It gives students hassle-free accessibility to campus services and attending classes without inconvenience. 


For this type of housing, you may need to pay around £400 to £600 a month. Taking into account this pricing, private student accommodations can be expensive, particularly if you decide to go for a room on your own. Moreover, it is essential to keep in mind the fact that these halls are frequently sought-after. 

Therefore, submitting an application as soon as possible is very important when securing accommodation suiting your requirements. Get the StudyWise app now and find the most suitable course.

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Tips for International Students

If you’re searching for the ideal accommodation in UK for international students, it can be overwhelming. So, let’s get into the details of what factors you should keep in mind when choosing your home in the UK:


  • Consider Choosing a Place that is Close to Your University

No one wants to waste time on an unnecessary commute. Therefore, try to go for accommodation that is within close proximity to your university or college. That’s everyone’s aspiration. Take a look at the distance between your accommodation and classes, extracurricular activities on campus, as well as all of the exciting happenings around. If you spot stores, eateries and transportation options nearby then it can be the perfect place to consider.


  • Ensure Safety

Another factor that needs your consideration while picking the ideal place for you in the UK is safety. It should be your top priority. So, seek out a neighborhood that provides not only security but also instills a sense of security in you. Select a place where all these facilities are available

  • Strong locks 
  • Adequate lighting
  • CCTV cameras 
  • An approachable 24-hour vindication team on your radar


  • Compare the Prices

Money is an important topic to discuss when it comes to choosing a place. It’s best to confirm that the location you’re interested in falls within your financial means. Also, takes into account all expenses such as rent, bills, and daily necessities like food and transportation. Additionally, determining whether or not the area comes fully furnished will also impact overall costs significantly. So, consider all these aspects before coming to any conclusion.


  • Look for All the Essential Amenities

If you want to create a homey vibe at the place you live, make sure that it has all the basic amenities that you need. Are you someone who craves the freedom to cook up your own dishes, do laundry in-house when necessary, or even get some exercise done within the premises? If you are nodding your head, then before signing the contract, look out for all these facilities.


  • Access the Landlord/Agency’s Reputation

The core of any agreement is trust. Hence, it’s wise to conduct a bit of investigation before making the contract official. Take some time to review feedback and interact with current tenants regarding the landlord or agency’s reputation. It will let you gain insights that will help you assess your upcoming residency experience.

Note: Don’t rush the house-hunting process. Evaluate all of your choices and once you encounter the ideal one, it’ll be obvious that it’s the home you were looking for!


  • Plan As Early as Possible

Begin your search well ahead of time to give yourself a head start. Start searching approximately three or four months prior to the commencement of your course. This approach will give you ample opportunity to explore and guarantee comfortable accommodation. As we all know that:

“The early bird catches the worm.”

So start planning way ahead of time and get the accommodation that meets your imagination.


  • Be Aware of Scams

There exists a small number of fraudulent individuals. Therefore, it is important to be cautious, particularly when interacting with independent landlords. Only make the payment for a deposit after inspecting the premises and signing an official agreement.


Contact Us For Further Details

When beginning the search for housing in the UK, you are opening yourself up to limitless opportunities and experiences. So, having an experienced student counselor by your side can really help you make the best decision. 

They can give the most suitable advice to choose from the plethora of options after accessing your personal needs and budget bracket. Hence, if you are done with your visa process and are now confused about opting for accommodation in the UK for international students, contact StudyWise. With our help, you can begin this thrilling chapter with ambitions and aspirations. 

Best wishes in finding the ideal place and here’s to creating unforgettable moments in the UK!


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How to find the most cost-effective options for housing in the UK as an international student?

Off-campus lodging, usually acquired from private landlords, can offer a more economical alternative compared to on-campus choices. To save even more money, sharing the space with fellow students is an option worth exploring. Nevertheless, safety and transportation are crucial aspects to take into account.


What factors should international students take into account while budgeting for accommodation in the UK?

When creating a budget, it’s important to factor in monthly expenses such as rent, bills, and basic necessities like food and transportation. Don’t forget to think about whether the housing comes furnished or not since this can influence costs significantly. Proper attention given towards budgeting will enable you to maintain an appropriate lifestyle that is both feasible and enduring.

What are the important steps for searching for accommodations in the UK as a foreign student?

The first step in finding housing in the UK as a foreign student starts with your university’s accommodation services. Many universities in the UK offer on-campus accommodation for international students. 

Hence, it is the first priority for students. Other than that there are various other alternatives to consider. To evaluate all of your options, try consulting a proficient student counselor. They can guide you in the best way possible.