Studying abroad is not a simple decision for a student.

Honestly, it costs a fortune coupled up with the emotional struggle that you have to deal with regarding leaving your family and friends behind. That’s why we came up with 5 reasons to choose Australia as a study abroad destination.

With your parents willing to sell the only piece of land they have or ready to spend their lifelong savings for your bright future, even the thought of getting it to waste makes you tremble.

In such a situation, Australia is a smart choice where circumstances are quite favorable for an international student.

World’s Top Ranking Universities

Studying in Australia offers many choices, including engineering, medical, business, arts, law, and legal studies. There are seven Australian universities ranked among the top 100 universities in the world that make Australia as a study abroad destination.

Advanced curriculum and supportive study environment play a vital role in the excellent performance of the institute and make it possible for students to enter the job market with confidence. The Australian National University, The University of Melbourne, The University of New South Wales are the top choices of international students which offer a variety of programs.

Students are allowed to find a Job

Unlike many other study destinations, Australian laws allow students to support themselves financially during studies. International students can work 40 hours every two weeks and unlimited hours during holidays.

Many companies in Australia offer part-time jobs to students with a good salary package based on their skills. It gives some ease to their parents to deal with their finances while students also gain some experience that makes them ready for the job market after graduation.

Furthermore, there is no scarcity of job opportunities for graduates as well. Statistics confirm that 71.8% of international students find a job soon after they graduate.

Student Visa (subclass 500) requires a simple process that makes visa accessibility easy for international students. Scholarships specified by the Australian government for deserving students are also a big financial relief.

Australia Hosts the Most International Students

The study environment of top Australian universities and study visa requirements are favorable for international students.

The simple application process and excellent study facilities attract thousands of international students every year to make Australia as a study abroad destination.

A report published by statistics enlists Australia at the top of the list for hosting the maximum number of international students and so far, over 2.5 million international students got admission to different disciplines of Australian universities.

Affordable Study abroad Destination

Australia is home to 43 universities and every university welcomes international students.

Reasonable study fees and affordable accommodation are no less than a blessing for students who are already short of money.

Shared accommodations, healthy street food, pocket-friendly hostels, and scholarships from the government bring huge peace of mind for students and help them focus more on studies instead of worrying about financial management and that makes Australia as a study abroad destination for international students.

Easy to Adjust Due to Cultural Diversity

Australia exhibits an amazing amalgamation of different cultures. Racism and religious bigotry cases are rare to hear. Everyone can speak and understand English that simplifies communication and makes it easy to merge into the community.

Australian beaches and local festivals are hard to ignore and one does not take long to be a part of it. Thrilling outdoor activities and beautiful wildlife are a proper feast for an adventure-loving soul.

Studying at the top Australian universities is a dream for many Pakistani students. To simplify the visa process and to check your eligibility, download the Study Wise app and check the best institutes you can apply to. Study Wise consultants also guide you in visa application and fields you should opt for. Download the app and explore your study abroad chances now!