Australia is not just a beautiful country, but it also boasts an excellent human development index and a high quality of life. It has consistently ranked among the most desirable and livable countries in the world. The Land Down Under offers a plethora of opportunities both personal and professional, with its universal healthcare system, world-class educational institutions, stunning natural scenery, and pleasant climate. So, it’s no surprise that Australia attracts countless students and skilled workers to permanently live in one of the world’s most diverse countries and enjoy Australia PR visa benefits.

So, if you’re wondering about Australia’s cities, they are nothing short of amazing! In fact, four of the world’s top ten most liveable cities are located in Australia. Hence, students across the globe come to Australia for their higher studies and ultimately get enchanted by this beautiful country. As a result, they decide to permanently reside here and apply for a PR visa. 

Are you an international student in Australia? If yes, what are you waiting for? Experience the best of what Australia has to offer by becoming a permanent resident here. There are a myriad of Australia PR visa benefits that you can get after becoming a permanent resident of this incredibly wonderful country. Let’s explore some of those together:

Unlimited Rights to Work in Australia

Permanent residents in Australia obtain unrestricted rights to work and study in this country. These are the greatest Australia PR visa benefits that students can enjoy. They can freely decide to work in any area of Australia and follow any diploma or degree of study wherever their interests lie. 

High Standard of Living

Other significant Australia PR visa benefits include its high standard of living. Australia is well-known for consistently ranking high on global indexes for providing its residents with exceptional quality of life, healthcare, and education. But that’s not all. This country boasts a low crime rate, which makes it an all-in-all place to solidify your career or build a family. In short, if you succeed in acquiring an Australian residency, you can enjoy high living standards in terms of quality. 

Access to Student Subsidy 

One of the greatest  Australia PR visa benefits is the immediate access to CHSP (Commonwealth Home Support Program). This program assists undergraduates by paying for their educational expenses, with a portion of the charges of their tuition fee. This sponsorship isn’t a credit, so students are not expected to repay it.

It’s vital to take note that CSPs are, for the most part, proposed to college undergraduates. A couple of providers may offer it for postgraduate studies. If you are a postgraduate student, it’s suggested that you discuss with your provider whether they offer CSPs in your course. This will assist you with deciding your qualifications and guarantee that you can make the most of the open doors accessible to you.

Access to World Class Healthcare

One of the amazing Australia PR visa benefits is that after securing an Australian PR visa, people become qualified to benefit themselves from Medicare. This is Australia’s general medical services framework. Federal medical care gives admittance to a wide range of medical services, either free of cost or at a lower cost, to all residents of the country.

This medical care framework offers various types of clinical assistance, including prescription medication and emergency medical therapy.

Eligibility to Sponsor Your Relatives

Australia PR visa benefits include the option for people who want to live and work with their families. As a permanent resident, you can sponsor visas for your spouse, parents, and children to join you in the country. If your family member’s application is approved, they can come to Australia and stay here as long as they want. 

Australia treats sponsored relatives fairly and allows them to stay for a lifetime unless they can take care of themselves. This is why Australia is a popular choice for people who want to migrate permanently and bring their families with them. It’s a great way to start a new life together and build a better future for everyone.

First Home-Owner Grant

If you permanently reside in Australia, you can enjoy multiple Australia PR visa benefits. One of those is becoming eligible to receive a $10,000 grant for your first home purchase. This government initiative applies to new residential properties, including apartments, units, houses, townhouses, or similar types of properties that cost $750,000 or less.

The grant has helped many people achieve their dream of owning a home in Australia. However, it is important to note that the property must be a new construction, and you cannot receive this grant for purchasing an existing house or any other property.

Australia proposes a supportive and friendly environment for individuals who are seeking better job prospects and improved quality of life in this wonderful country. As a permanent resident, you directly become eligible to a diverse range of Australia PR visa benefits. They include access to world-class healthcare and education. On top of that, Australian permanent residents enjoy political stability and spend their lives in a secure environment. If you are planning to move to Australia, it is essential to research the requirements for permanent residency and seek the guidance of a registered migration agent to help you navigate the process.

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Is Australian PR valid forever?

Individuals get countless Australia PR visa benefits after being a resident of this country. One of those is permanent residency status. In Australia, it has no expiry date and remains valid for the rest of your life. Hence, there is no need for you to apply for another visa as long as you don’t leave this country for a significant amount of time. 

Can I get Australian citizenship after PR?

Yes, you can apply for Australian citizenship after becoming a permanent resident in Australia. It is one of the most significant Australia PR visa benefits. However, you must lawfully stay in this country for at least four years before applying for Australian citizenship. 

How can I lose my PR status in Australia?

Being a permanent resident in Australia means you do not have to worry about getting your visa expired. But if you spend a considerable amount of time outside of Australia, you can lose your permanent residency status.