In case you are actively seeking ways to study abroad, you probably know the news of the Australian Study Visa getting delayed.Previously, visa applications were processed within a few weeks, but the process now takes months. 

There have been constant complaints from students about facing continued delays in the outcomes of their applications to study in Australia. The concerns coming on top of the challenges caused by two years of uncertainty due to COVID-19

Higher studies program visas get processed quickly as compared to vocational and diploma visas.

Reasons for Australian Study Visa Getting Delayed

There are many reasons that are the cause of Australian study visa getting delayed. Some reasons can be on behalf of the students and some reasons can be because of the authentication process done by Australian universities. We have discussed the main reasons that are causing delays in the Australian Study visa process. 

Large Volume of Student Application

Department of Home Affairs deals with not only student visas but also other visas like visitor visas, family visas, skilled visas, refugee visas, and many other types of visas. They have to deal with millions of applications every year. This high visa application rate is one main reason for Australian study visa getting delayed.

One other major reason why there are more applicants this year is due to the closure of borders last two years due to COVID-19. A large volume of student visa applications are being processed since the reopening of Australian Borders on December 5, 2021.

 The Department of Home Affairs has been dealing with an influx of applications, in addition to visa backlogs by those affected by the country’s two-year border closure. According to the data given by the Australian Government, the DHA has issued 1.3M visas to fully vaccinated travelers since the reopening of borders post covid.

 Statistics show that the number of international students arriving in Aus in 2022 is 52.5% lower than pre-covid level time in April 2019.

Non-Genuine Applicants

Cost of living pressures and economic uncertainty has increased in many countries, causing an influx of non-genuine applications. More applications are from applicants whose primary purpose is to work in Australia.

 This is against the law of the Australian government. The priority of a student entering Australia should only be studying. This raises worries over non-genuine applicants. DHA reportedly increased scrutiny over Australian student visa applications. It is taking measures to alleviate increasing concerns about students’ visas being granted to non-genuine applicants. 

Slashed Budget

According to the Australian Education Union, the Morrison Government will cut $559 million from public school funding over the next three years in its 2022-2023 Federal Budget. The total budget will be slashed by 875M AUD and it will cause delays in student visa processing time. Exacerbated by a slash in budget. This measure will slash one-third of the Department of Home Affairs’ migration operation, leading to more fears of delays in visas next year. 

Incomplete application

When you are filling up your application for the Australian study visa, make sure that you are satisfying all the requirements and entering the authentic and correct information. Recheck your application again and again until you find no more mistakes and all sections are accurately filled with the required information. Incorrect information or incomplete documents are the major reason for cancellation.

Integrity Issues

With the Reopening of the borders, the Department of Home Affairs has seen a notable increase in visa lodgements. Unfortunately, the department has also identified an increase in attempts to obtain a student visa using fraudulent documentation or information, which is a major factor for Australian study visa getting delayed. The fraudulent methods are:

  • Fraudulent English Language test results
  • Fraudulent Financial Document
  • Fraudulent Academic Qualifications
  • Identity Frauds

This use of fraudulent documents is occurring across all educational sectors and in applications from several top source countries. The result of which is 

  •  An increase in visa refusals
  • Delays in the Visa process
  • Ban on the countries
  • The poor reputation of the students from certain countries

Currently, there are many countries in which the cases of fraudulent documents have delayed visa processing. Major countries that are on this list and due to which visas in these countries are being delayed include India, Pakistan, Nepal, Kenya, etc. 

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How Can You Prevent Your Australian Study Visa From Getting Delayed?

For a hassle-free study abroad experience, make sure you follow all the correct steps. There are technical issues that can delay your application, but apart from things out of your control, you can ensure that you are following the process correctly. Following the tips below will help you avoid your Australian study visa getting delayed.

  • Don’t apply at the last minute
  • Attach certain verifications of the document. 
  • Submitting genuine documentation is imperative
  • Fill out your application form correctly and show u have all the necessary documents.
  • Once you have been accepted, start collecting the necessary documents for a visa immediately.
  • If DHA requires you to provide further verification of your documents. Reply promptly.
  • Get help from a registered migration agent like StudyWise

Even if you got your study visa momentarily by fraudulent methods, you will be caught one day and then you will have to face the consequences. The Australian government had deported several students with fraudulent documents back to their home countries. 

Apply Through StudyWise, An Authentic Platform

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