We know Australia for its beautiful beaches, impeccable security, and top-ranking universities. Acquiring an Australian Study Visa is the dream of many as it makes you eligible for study and work in Australia.

To get an Australian Study Visa, it’s essential to satisfy the Immigration Department that the applicant is intended to pursue an education in Australia. A study visa interview is conducted once a student signs Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE) and submits General Temporary Entrant (GTE).

Many students find it intimidating and get confused during the interview. The questions are either confusing for them or they don’t know how to express themselves well.

A poor performance in student visa interview can turn out in the decline of the study visa. You might have the potential, but not portraying it at the right time can kill your dreams. Let’s have a look at some amazing tips that can help you go through your Australian study visa interview.

Australian Study Visa Interview Tips

A study visa interview isn’t a hard nut to crack if you already have offer letters from universities. All you need to do is to follow these points in your mind and get ready to fly for Australia.

Communication is Key to Get Study Visa

Your language proficiency is a game-changer for your visa interview. A clear conversation with a great accent casts a great impression on the interviewer. If it’s a physical interview, dress well and greet the interviewer with a smile.

Use small yet meaningful sentences. Your confidence must be visible in your personality and the way to talk. Use gestures and maintain eye contact. Instead of using the same word over again, use synonyms, idioms, and useful proverbs to demonstrate your insight.

Pardon, Thank you, would you, could you, are some words and phrases which show politeness and manners. Watch your tone and make sure you don’t sound harsh or aggressive.

Be Honest with the Australian Immigration Department

Misinformation can sabotage all efforts. Once the immigration department gets suspicious about your qualification or documents, acquiring an Australian study visa would merely be a dream come true.

You must be ready how to answer simple questions about your qualification, background, courses, and interests during your study visa interview. Make sure the information you have provided on the visa application form and you are sharing in the interview is the same.

They can ask you questions about your qualification, previous job, and goals. A student going to Australia to pursue an MS degree in Computer Science must be familiar with programming languages, data, algorithms, and have worked on projects during graduation.

Basic Knowledge of Australia and Course You are Enrolled Into

There is no wonder that when someone plans to study abroad, he researches about the country, institute, and ranking of the university, and basic things about the culture.

You must have a solid reason for choosing Australia as your study destination. The name of the Prime Minister and the recent announcements for immigrants are some obvious questions you must be able to answer.

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Be clear about your goals and know how Australia can help you achieve them. It seems absurd that someone would travel thousands of miles away from home without knowing his purpose. Similarly, if you plan to stay in Australia after your studies, be aware of the driving force behind your stay.

Take All Necessary Documents

Don’t forget to take documents with you on the time of your study visa interview. Make sure you have your identity card, original qualification documents. They can also ask for a bank statement or CoE so keeping them as well won’t make you regret your decision.

Australian Study Visa Interview Questions You May Be Asked

See below the list of the most common questions immigration officers can ask you. Prepare the right answers for these questions to get closer to your study visa.

Why did you choose Australia over any other country?

Ans. The friendly culture and high QS ranking of Australian universities inspire me to choose Australia. I also admire Australian immigration policies that give many privileges to an international student.

Q. Are you planning to do a part-time job in Australia?

Ans. The Australian Government allows 40 hours per fortnight work and I won’t mind availing myself of this opportunity to get relief in my finances.

Q. Why did you choose your university?

It’s ranked in the top universities in Australia and is known for its student friendly campus environment. The employable courses and practical knowledge will also help me to get a job or start a business in my country.

Q. Where is the university located?

Ans. Give an accurate answer to this question. A wrong answer can get you in trouble. You can also share some details of the location and accommodation facilities the location offers.

Q. How will your degree benefit you?

Ans. Share the scope of your degree and also mention the personal and professional benefits you will get through it.

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