Australia as One of the Best Countries to Study Abroad

Are you looking to study abroad in 2023? Australia is the perfect destination to do so as it is considered one of the best countries to study abroad. One question that comes to the minds of students is why we should choose Australia to study.

You are in luck that this article is all about the top 10 reasons why Australia is one of the best countries to study abroad.


1- Quality Education

More than 1 Million people including national and international students choose to study in Australia every year. They choose Australia for the quality of education provided by Australian universities and colleges. Students benefit greatly from it as it adds value to their lives, and it helps them to pursue their careers anywhere in the world.

These top institutes attract the best professors and teachers from all around the globe. In Australia, there are more than 1,100 education providers with more than 22,000 courses available for international students.


2-Unlimited Work Hours

International students are allowed to work for unlimited working due to the temporary relaxation of working hours for student visa holders. They can continue to work for unlimited hours until 30th June 2023. After that, the work restrictions will come back. So why not take benefit of those unlimited working hours while they list last? This is why Australia is one of the best countries to study abroad.


3- Extended Post Study Work Rights

According to the recent announcement by the Australian government that was made on 22 February 2023 the time frames for the post-study work visas have been increased for international students specifically in the areas of verified skilled shortages. Giving this of relaxation for post study work rights make

Post-study work rights time is extended for temporary graduate visa holders 485 for the following qualifications:

  • 4 years for Bachelor degree holders (living for 2 years)
  • 5 years for Master’s degree holders (living for 3 years)
  • 6 years for Ph.D. degree holders (living for 4 years)


4- Multicultural Country

Australia is one of the best countries to study abroad due to its multicultural society around 25% of Australian population is from overseas making Australia as one of the most diverse countries in the world and Australia is definitely very proud of it.

People in Australia are generally very welcoming, and when you study there you get to meet people from all over the world. There are people from different countries, races, cultures, and religions.


5- Fully Funded Scholarships

Fully Funded scholarships for international students is the key reason that Australia is one of the best countries o study abroad. Many of Australian institutions and the Australian government are providing scholarships to international students to study in Australia.

Some of them are

  • The Australia awards
  • Vice Chancellors international scholarship
  • Global leaders awards
  • Monash international leadership scholarship


6- Low Unemployment Rate

The major reason why Australia is one of the best countries to study abroad is because of its low unemployment rates. Australia has been reported as lowest unemployment rate even during the days of the pandemic.

As of August 22, it is sitting at 3.5%, which is one of the lowest rates ever. We hope that Australia will continue to manage this unemployment rate in the future too. It means that more international students can come and find jobs in Australia.


7- High Wages

There is no doubt that Australia’s minimum wage is the highest in the world. From 1st July 2022, the minimum wage in Australia is AUD 21.30 per hour. According to recent research, it is shown that Australians are the world’s richest people when we talk about medium income.

As an international student high wages mean that they can earn a decent income while studying. The income varies depending on the type of job and amount of hours you are doing. Check the high paying jobs in Australia for more clarity on this. High wages is the major reason why Australia is one of the best countries to study abroad.


8- Long Term Migration

One of the important reasons why Australia is one of the best countries to study abroad is the new labor government’s focus on long-term migration of. So, the government is focusing more on long-term migration than temporary migration which is mentioned by the education minister too.

Around 16% of international students stay back after their studies in Australia. This ensures that the Australian government wants to keep students in Australia for longer after they graduate and to provide a pathway for temporary visa holders to become permanent visa holders after they finish their studies. International students can easily benefit from it.


9- Beautiful Attractions

Australia is a beautiful country with so many attractions and amazing landscapes that appeals to everyone around the world including international students. While studying in Australia you can also experience those attractions.

There are many wonderful places to visit in Australia as every city has its own beauty and charm in terms of entertainment and joy. Due to these charms of the country Australia is one of the best countries to study abroad.


10- Most Liveable Cities

Last but not least, Australia is popular for having the most liveable cities in the world. Whether you are planning to study in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Perth, or Adelaide all of these are well-known for their livability and culture.

These cities are much more affordable in terms of the cost of living standards than most of the cities in the world as these cities consistently ranked among the top liveable cities in the world.


Australia One of the Best Countries to Study Abroad- In a Nutshell!

There is no doubt left in knowing that Australia is one of the best countries to study abroad due to all these top reasons. If you have decided to study in Australia but are confused in choosing the course we have made this easier for you too. You can download our StudyWise App and check the eligibility criteria for your desired course.


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