If you are looking for the best regional areas to study in Australia then you are at the right place. This blog will provide you the sufficient knowledge regarding the best regional areas to study in Australia in 2023.


Getting an education in a country like Australia is a dream for international students. But due to the lack of awareness and proper guidance, most of the potential students just look upon the famous cities of Australia. They overlook and ignore the fascinating perks of studying in the regional areas.


Students are mostly unaware of the prospective opportunities and locations for their education in Australia. The regional areas of Australia have so much to offer. This blog will provide you with sufficient knowledge about the best regional areas to study in Australia.


What is a Regional Area?

According to the socio-geographical definition, the Australian regional areas are the less populated areas outside the metropolitan cities in each state or territory. Any area, town, or region that falls beyond the major capital cities is termed a regional area. The Australian Government proposed and designed the term “Regional Australia ” with the purpose of promoting specific locations outside the big and famous cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, etc.


These regions are known as the less populated regions of Australia. Major areas of Australia are termed Regional Areas so it is obvious that most of the top universities are located in Regional Australia. Choosing to study in a regional area is a good choice in terms of easy migration to Australia after studies.


Basically, there are three categories that fall into the category of regional areas. There are only two categories that cater to international students and provide incentives for studies in Australia.


Category 2

Major Regional Centers

  • Perth
  • Gold Coast
  • Canberra
  • Hobart
  • New Castle
  • Geelong
  • Wollongong
  • Adelaide
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Lake Macquarie
  • Illawarra


Category 3

  • Regional Centers and other areas
  • All other areas


Best Regional areas to study in Australia

Most of the skilled workers are flocked to three major cities in Australia that are Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne. Therefore, the workforce in Australia has always been uneven.


To promote the population balance in the country, the government has introduced regional areas with lenient and relaxed policies.


It is a wonderful step to balance the economic growth of the country. This order of division of regions has brought good results, so those areas have become an attraction for international students. This blog will provide sufficient information regarding the best regional areas to study in Australia one by one.


Among these areas, the following are the best regional areas to study in Australia:



While considering the regional areas of Australia, one must consider Perth as one of the top regional areas of Australia. This city is considered the “Education City” of Australia.


Although Perth is classified into regional Australia, it is the fourth largest city in Australia. Perth is the capital city of Western Australia. As far as academics are concerned, this capital city is the home of 4 major government universities including Curtin University.


The other three government universities are the University of Western Australia, Murdoch University, and Edith Cowan University. The University of Notre Dame Australia is a private university that is also located here in Perth. This city is one of the most suitable options for study. The students studying in Perth know that they are getting the best education that Australia can offer.


Along with the best educational opportunities this city has more to offer such as beaches and beautiful scenery. Brighton, Cottesloe, and Floreat are the famous beaches in Perth. The mesmerizing views of the city make it the best place for tourism. It is famous for being the most isolated city in the world that is completely surrounded by Australian nature. Perth is one of the best regional areas to study in Australia.



Adelaide is the fifth largest city and it is also the capital of South Australia. All three universities of South Australia are located here in Adelaide. It is the most affordable city in Australia.


The names of these universities are The University of Adelaide, Flinders University, and the University of South Australia. It is also important to note that the University of Adelaide is a member of Group Eight, therefore this institute enjoys a high reputation in Australia and all over the globe. It offers the same high-quality lifestyle and educational opportunities.


Undoubtedly, Adelaide is one of the best regional places to study in Australia. Other attractive features of this region include fine public security order, advanced healthcare facilities, a top environmental and educational atmosphere, and complete infrastructure.


For many consecutive years, Adelaide has been ranked among the top 10 most livable cities in the world. So, based on these facts Adelaide is the ideal place for international students to live and study.



This city is the home of all the political centers and activities in Australia. Canberra is also the capital of the Commonwealth of Australia but it is still a regional area. It is a vibrant city that embraces diversity. This city is considered the center of all government departments and diplomatic offices.

According to Good Universities Guide 2022, the graduates of the University of Canberra are on top for full-time employment.


This city is one of the most suitable, fruitful, and best regional areas for study in Australia. This city has been an attractive option for overseas students to get their education here.  Australian National University, UNSW (Australian Defense Force Academy) Canberra, and the University of Canberra are some well-known universities here.

There are also many national, cultural, and social institutes of Australia located in Canberra.


Gold Coast

It is the sixth largest city in Australia that is located in Queensland. It is also a holiday resort on the Eastern Coast of Australia. It is one of the top destinations for study purposes for international students.


This city is home to three universities that are Griffith University, Southern Cross University, and Bond University. Along with the beautiful places and attractive locations, Gold Coast can meet the educational needs of the students. This city is also known as South Coast.


This city is one of the best choices to study in the regional areas of Australia. The beauty of this mesmerizing city includes white sandy beaches, bluish and transparent waters, palm forests, and bright bursts of sunshine.


It is an extremely affordable city to live in that makes it one of the best regional areas to study in Australia. Gold Coast is less than 100 kilometers from Brisbane which means it is very convenient for students to reach Brisbane in less than one hour.



Wollongong is the 10th largest city in the whole of Australia. It is an industrial city located on the east coast of NSW (New South Wales). Wollongong has a long mining history with coal mines, steel mills, and ports.

This city has one ancient university named the University of Wollongong which was founded in 1951. It is the leading industrial university focusing on the technological advancements of the country by providing different programs in the fields of education, engineering, science, and technology.

It is one of the top world universities with competitive research strength ranking top in the whole of Australia.


New Castle

New Castle is another best regional areas in Australia in terms of study purposes. It is the second largest city in NSW (New South Wales) and overall, the seventh largest city in the whole of Australia.


This city is one of the top tourist destinations in all over the world. Yearly, it attracts thousands of tourists because of its beautiful natural landscapes, rich culture, ancient history, and unique arena of customs and traditions. It has two top world-class universities to choose from. It is located on the two hours drive from Sydney.


This city has extremely wonderful travel and transportation facilities. It is also a good choice for students to study here in top institutions lying in the lap of nature. New Castle is one of the best areas to study in Australia along with the wonders of nature.


What happens after graduation from a regional university?

After the compilation of degrees from the regional universities, there are different regional visas for your consideration.


Temporary Graduate Visa

It consists of both the graduation work stream and the post-post-study work stream. This choice is also available if your first temporary graduate visa was under the post-study work stream then you may apply for a second temporary graduate visa.

This visa allows overseas students to stay in Australia for up to 4 years.


Working Holiday Visa

This subclass of visas will allow people of 18-30 years to work in Australia for a duration of 12 months.


Student Visa

This subclass of visas will allow you to continue your studies. You may attain another degree or the postgraduate degree.


Visitor Visa

If you are not looking for work or study in Australia then this subclass of visa will allow you to travel.


Benefits of Best Regional Areas to Study in Australia

Following are some major benefits of the best regional areas to study in Australia.


Additional year

After graduation from any university in the regional area, international students have an opportunity to get full-time work rights for another complete year over a post-study work visa


Courses leading to employment

The universities and educational institutes of regional areas can directly lead you to employment in Australia.

There are diverse options depending upon the choice of international students such as Marine Biology in New South Wales. Make sure to choose the most popular course that holds relevance to local professions in Australia.


Small classes

In Australian regional universities, this is an amazing opportunity to avail to get the best personal tutoring from expert and highly qualified faculty. A small volume of classes in the best regional areas to study in Australia is quite fascinating for international students. It helps in a better way to learn through the smaller class size.

Affordable living

In the countryside and small towns, there are relatively less living costs. Definitely, living costs in big cities are considerably higher. The cheap cost of living along with the best regional areas to study in Australia is a plus point.


Universities offer different kinds of scholarships for international students. Destination Australia is one of the best scholarships that you should consider. It awards AUD 15,000 in scholarships to overseas students who are enrolled in the universities of regional Australia.


Better migration options

According to the Department of Home Affairs Australia, you will be awarded 5 points of Australian PR (Permanent Residency) if you live and study in regional areas. These are the brownie points for international students while living in designated areas.


Opportunity to explore

Australia is known for its sandy beaches, vibrant views, magnificent mountains, and deserts. Another benefit for the students of regional universities is that they are much closer to the natural wonders of Australia. Fun along with the best regional areas to study in Australia is an attractive point for overseas students.



Final Words

Today, international students are well aware of all the opportunities and the associated perks of regional institutes and universities. Especially for international students who want to immigrate to Australia, are inclined towards the importance of regional universities due to relaxed policies and a convenient way to travel to big cities after graduation.


This blog explained information on the best regional areas to study in Australia in detail. If you want to know more you can visit our website to get more valuable information regarding the best regional areas to study in Australia. Visit Now StudyWise. You can also download the StudyWise app to see the study options depending on your previous studies.



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