Students from around the world who want to change the world with their creativity, gain problem-solving skills and learn how things work often choose engineering as their major.

Engineering in Australia combines theory with real-world application. In order to create practical solutions to technological challenges encountered in the real world, students are taught mathematical principles.


In the global rankings, seven Australian universities rank in the top 100, making it the third most popular academic destination behind the United States and the United Kingdom.

 In fact, the land of the kangaroos is home to 33 QS-listed universities. This substantial representation ensures that overseas students will not run out of universities offering internationally recognized degrees, no matter what subjects they choose to study in Australia.


Why is Engineering in Australia Different?

  • Australian engineering schools place equal focus on academic and practical learning.
  • Australian universities provide students from throughout the world with a wide selection of engineering programs, including those in mechanical, agricultural, aerospace, electronics, and even chemical engineering.
  • Students that study engineering in Australia will have excellent work opportunities.
  • Internships are required for both graduates and post-graduates, giving international students the chance to learn about a variety of sectors.
  • Australian engineering universities encourage engineers to be more inventive, creative, and free-thinking.
  • The Australian Engineering institutions provide students worldwide with specialized bachelor’s degrees, Graduate Certificates, Postgraduate Diplomas, Master’s, Professional Doctorates, and PhDs.


How to Choose the Best Engineering University in Australia?

Being able to select the best engineering college out of the many available options in Australia is crucial. This is a choice that needs to be made after careful thought. Before choosing an engineering school, keep the following things in mind:

Academic Performance:

 In addition to course descriptions, research on reviews and professors who teach can provide useful insight into the course curriculum. An exceptional experience can go beyond the confines of traditional schooling and offer excellent instructional support for the path you choose to take.

For your engineering in Australia, select universities with a global reputation for academic excellence that is recognized throughout the world.


Australia is a popular destination for overseas students due to its sizeable provinces and extensive landmass. Pick the city where you can attend the best universities and live comfortably on a budget.

If you want a lavish lifestyle, you can pick cities like Sydney, Melbourne, or Canberra. But if you want to get your degree on a decent budget, then you should choose Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, etc.


 The amount of financial aid and scholarships offered, as well as the tuition costs, can differ amongst universities. You should choose universities in the countryside or less famous cities if you can’t afford expensive universities in major cities for your engineering in Australia.

Don’t burden yourself with something that you won’t be able to afford in the long run.

Overseas Student Support: 

You should look for a university that provides well-thought-out support for overseas students. They can provide guidance on important issues like housing, student welfare, and post-graduate employment chances.


What is the Cost of Engineering in Australia?

In Australia, the cost of an engineering degree can range from AUD $20,000 to AUD $50,000 annually. Many factors influence education costs, including the university, your study program, and where you live. For qualified international students, several Australian colleges do grant scholarships.

These scholarships can help you cut the cost of your studies in Australia. These scholarships can cover up to 40% of your tuition fees. One noteworthy feature of the best universities in Australia is that tuition costs are essentially uniform, with only a few thousand dollars separating one from the other.


For instance, the University of New South Wales (UNSW) charges the highest undergraduate tuition rate of $40,360, while the other universities charge tuition rates between AUD $35,000 and AUD $38,000. You should not use tuition costs as a criterion when deciding which university to attend.

StudyWise counselors can guide you best on the cost of different universities and the scholarships they can provide you.

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What is the Acceptable IELTS Band Score for Admission in Engineering in Australia?

Australian engineering programs for undergraduate and graduate students require an overall IELTS band score of 6.5, with no individual module score lower than 6.0.


What is the Eligibility for Admission to an Engineering University in Australia?

Additionally, they must have finished senior secondary education in their home country and present the necessary mark sheets or documents upon admission.

Students seeking postgraduate programs must hold a relevant undergraduate degree from an accredited university or equivalent qualification or certificate. 


What are the Best Engineering Universities in Australia?

Some of the best universities in the world for various engineering majors and specializations are located in Australia. According to the Global QS Ranking of Universities, Australian Universities rank as follows: 

University Name Global QS Ranking
The University of New South Wales 37
The University of Melbourne 41
Monash University 54
The University of Sydney 61
Australian National University 71
The University of Queensland 76
The University of Technology Sydney 106
RMIT University 141
The University of Western Australia 143
Best universities for engineering in Australia


Best Engineering Universities for Bachelor’s in Australia

The top Universities for engineering in Australia offering programs in Bachelors are:

University Course Offered Course Duration
RMIT University Australia Bachelor of Engineering 4 Years
The University of Queensland Bachelor of Engineering 4 Years
The University of Adelaide Bachelor of Engineering 4 Years
Monash University Bachelor of Engineering 4 Years
Victoria University Bachelor of Engineering 4 Years
Universities offering bachelor programs


Best Engineering Universities for Master’s in Australia

Some best universities for Engineering in Australia that teach courses in Master’s are

University Course Offered Course Duration
University of New South Wales Master of Electrical Engineering 2 Years
Melbourne University Master of Engineering Management 1 Year
University of New Castle Master of Engineering Management 1 Year
Murdoch University Master of Engineering in Electrical Power Engineering 2 Years
RMIT University Master of Engineering (Chemical Engineering) 2 Years
Universities offering master’s programs


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