Have you made up your mind to accomplish your master’s degree in the UK? If so, then you are definitely fortunate. Opting to pursue your education in the UK is a forward-looking investment in your future. A distinguished degree from a UK institution is not only highly esteemed but also a truly transformative experience. It has the power to elevate not just your education, but also your marketability in the professional world.

But sometimes, trying to acquire a higher education in such countries can put a dent in your wallet. Therefore, it is no wonder why people worry about the cost of their education. However, we are going to put a full stop to all your jitters. There is a wealth of masters degree scholarships UK available for international students in the UK that can make a significant difference in lightening their financial burden. 

These scholarships are tailor-made to give you the support you need for covering tuition and living expenses, so you can fully dive into your studies and make the most of your time in the UK. Take a plunge into our comprehensive guide for all the nitty-gritty details of these fantastic opportunities. Get set for an extraordinary journey of learning and personal growth.

Types of Masters Degree Scholarships UK That You Can Apply For:


  •  Government Funded Scholarships

The following scholarships are generally funded by governmental bodies and external organizations

  • The Chevening Scholarship: Generously supported by the UK government, the Chevening scholarship covers not only tuition fees but also all related administrative and travel costs for your move to the UK. Moreover, it includes a monthly stipend and a variable top-up allowance, contingent on your city of residence. This financial aid initiative is specifically designed to enhance accessibility and ease the path for international students pursuing a master’s degree in the UK.
  • The Commonwealth Master’s Scholarships: This scholarship, funded by the UK government, offers extensive benefits including full coverage of tuition fees, a monthly stipend of £1,236, additional allowances, and, in specific cases, a childcare allowance. This comprehensive financial support aims to facilitate access to higher education for international students pursuing master’s degrees in the UK.
  • The Global Wales Postgraduate Scholarship: This collaborative scholarship program, funded by Taith, a Welsh exchange program, offers grants of up to £10,000 to students pursuing a Master’s degree in Wales. It represents a valuable opportunity for individuals looking to further their education in the region through the support of multiple organizations.
  • Women in STEM Scholarship: Administered by the British Council, this program encompasses various benefits, such as coverage for tuition fees, a stipend, travel expenses, visa fees, and health coverage. Additionally, it offers specialized support for individuals with caregiving responsibilities, including mothers. Moreover, this initiative also provides scholarships tailored to specific fields of study.


  • Privately Funded Scholarships

Here is a list of privately funded scholarships:

  • Gates Cambridge Scholarship: The Gates Foundation provides comprehensive support for the Cambridge University program. This includes coverage of tuition fees, as well as administrative expenses related to visa and travel arrangements. In addition, recipients receive a substantial maintenance allowance of £18,744 for a period of 12 months. Furthermore, the foundation offers discretionary funding options such as childcare support or maternity/paternity allowance, further enhancing the level of support provided to recipients.
  • Weidenfeld-Hoffmann Scholarships: The Weidenfeld-Hoffmann Trust in conjunction with Oxford University generously offer scholarships that not only cover the student’s tuition fees but also provide a substantial stipend of at least £17,668. This stipend is specifically intended to assist with living expenses, ensuring that students have the necessary financial support to focus on their studies and make the most of their academic experience at Oxford
  • Master’s in Europe Scholarship: The scholarship offers a significant financial award of £5,000, specifically designated to cover tuition fees for eligible students. This funding is designed to alleviate the financial burden associated with pursuing higher education. By providing this considerable financial support, this scholarship also aims to facilitate access to quality education and empower students to pursue their academic goals with greater ease and confidence. In short, this scholarship serves as a valuable resource for individuals seeking to advance their education and career prospects without being hindered by excessive tuition costs.

Application Process

The application process for masters degree scholarships UK can be quite hectic as it requires a lot of documentation. However, by abiding by a few principles, you can certainly maximize your chances of securing a scholarship for your program in this wonderful country. 

Gather Required Documents:

Be sure to gather all required documents, which might encompass academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, a thoughtfully composed personal statement, CV or resume, and any additional materials mentioned by the scholarship provider.

Review Application Deadlines:

Pay close attention to the application deadlines for each scholarship. Ensure that you submit your application well in advance so you can take advantage of all the opportunities available to you.

Prepare a Strong Personal Statement:

Create a persuasive personal statement that highlights your academic accomplishments, future career aspirations, and why you are a fitting candidate for the scholarship. Customize your statement for each scholarship, and demonstrate how you align with their specific requirements.

Complete Application Forms:

Fill out the application forms accurately, and aim to deliver all the information required. Be thorough and double-check to guarantee that you incorporate every essential detail without any oversight.

Submit Additional Essays or Documents (if necessary):

Some scholarships may require additional essays, research proposals, or portfolios. Prepare and submit these as specified in the application guidelines.

Proofread and Edit:

Carefully review all of your application materials for grammatical mistakes, clarity, and coherence. This will guarantee that your application is error-free and will save you from all the potential delays. Furthermore, a flawless application reflects positively on your attention to detail.

Submit Application:

Ensure you submit your entire application, along with all necessary documents, by the designated deadline. 

Follow Up and Confirm Receipt:

Once you have submitted your application, it is a good idea to check in with the scholarship provider to make sure they received it and that it is complete.

Prepare for Interviews (if applicable):

If certain scholarships involve an interview in their selection process, it is always better to get ready ahead of time. This can be done by studying typical interview questions and rehearsing your answers.

Stay Informed:

Keep track of the scholarship application timeline and stay informed about any updates or notifications from the scholarship provider.

End Note

Getting a Master’s Degree Scholarship in the UK is a notable achievement that requires dedicated effort. To increase your chances of success, it is important to follow a series of important steps. Start by thoroughly researching available scholarships and confirming your eligibility for each. 

Then, create an application that effectively showcases your academic achievements, skills, and relevant experiences. Customize your application to align with both the specific scholarship and the values of the institution you’re applying to. 

Additionally, make sure to secure strong letters of recommendation from respected academic or professional contacts. Finally, carefully review your application for any mistakes or omissions, and be sure to submit it before the deadline. By diligently following these steps, you will undoubtedly be well-positioned to make significant progress toward securing Masters Degree Scholarships UK.

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Can you apply for multiple scholarships at the same time?

Yes definitely, you can apply for numerous scholarships simultaneously, if you manage to fulfill the eligibility criteria for each. However, it is generally suggested to carefully read the terms and conditions of each scholarship to ensure that you fall within the eligibility criteria. This will also help you prevent any conflicts in the future.

What expenses do Master’s Degree Scholarships typically cover?

Master’s Degree Scholarships may cover a range of expenses including tuition fees, living costs, accommodation, travel expenses, and sometimes additional allowances for specific needs like childcare or research expenses.

Can students get full masters degree scholarships UK?

The Chevening Scholarships offer fully funded opportunities for individuals to pursue a master’s degree in the UK. Its goal is to foster academic brilliance, facilitate cultural exchange, and nurture future global leaders. 

Chevening Scholars are granted access to a diverse array of courses and universities, with comprehensive financial support that spans tuition fees, living expenses, and travel costs. This program commands a high level of competition, drawing in accomplished individuals from across the globe, all dedicated to driving positive change in their respective fields and communities.