Are you considering studying abroad and looking for top-notch universities for the February intake? Set your sights on the United Kingdom. You must be wondering why. The answer is that UK universities boast world-class education and enable students with innovative skills that can help them land their dream jobs in every corner of the world. 

Therefore, the institutes in the United Kingdom have managed to secure the highest rankings and attract countless international students every year. Moreover, this country offers a wide range of programs in every season. So if you have missed the September intake. There’s no need to worry anymore. You have the option to apply for a UK university in February 2024. Want to explore your options? Our blog covers the top universities with February intake that you should consider.


Top February Intake Universities in UK

We help students from all over the world to apply to leading UK universities for undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Join us and start your journey and discover the best  February intake universities in UK in 2024.


1. University of Chester

The University of Chester has an extensive history that lies in a deep commitment to shaping not just students but individuals who are determined to succeed in their chosen fields. With roots dating back 182 years, the university hasn’t just persisted with the passage of time, in fact, it has evolved into a beacon of academic excellence.

The atmosphere at this university is dedicated to nurturing vibrancy and support, where learning extends beyond the confines of the classroom. The university takes pride in being more than just an institution. It is a home for diverse minds, a space where individuality is not only acknowledged but celebrated, and where collective growth is actively supported.

Furthermore, the thing that truly sets the University apart is its adaptability. Recognizing that students have diverse timelines and preferences, the option of a February intake speaks volumes about the institution’s commitment to accommodating individual needs. It’s not just about a September start; it’s about recognizing that education is a journey with multiple entry points, and the University is dedicated to supporting students at every step.


2. The University of Law

The University of Law, a prominent university in the United Kingdom, stands out as a premier institution offering a comprehensive range of programs. With its roots dating back to 1876, it has evolved into the largest law school in the UK. The university solely focuses on providing law degrees, specialized legal training, and ongoing professional development courses for both barristers and solicitors.

For those considering undergraduate studies, the University of Law offers a broad spectrum of courses developed for practical, academic excellence. Whether you’re interested in law, business, criminology, or psychology, the programs are thoughtfully designed to be both exciting and hands-on. Hence, this commitment to a dynamic learning experience makes this university a standout choice for those seeking an enriching education.

And here’s the cool part, this institute offers a February intake. So, if you have missed the September intake, this institute is still within your reach. Hence, if you are looking for an exciting and enriching academic experience, the University of Law might just be your spot.


3. Birmingham City University

Birmingham City University is a place where prestige meets innovation. This UK institute offers a diverse array of programs that go beyond the ordinary. These include Business, Art, and Design Media to Computing, Engineering, Health, Social Sciences, Psychology, and Law.

And guess what? February is not just a chilly month, in fact, it’s the perfect time to begin your academic journey in this institute with a variety of programs tailored for success.

Furthermore, Birmingham City University isn’t just committed to delivering top-tier education; instead, it is dedicated to delivering excellence. That’s why, it stands out as a highly desirable choice for students from all over the world. Moreover, it is the best choice for February intakes. In essence, enrolling at this institution offers students an exciting opportunity to immerse themselves in a vibrant culture and benefit from the academic brilliance that defines the university’s proud reputation.


4. University of Greenwich

Rooting back to 1890, the University of Greenwich has made its mark as one of the top academic institutes worldwide. Holding the title of the second-oldest polytechnic in the UK, this university has quite the story to tell.

Spread across three vibrant campuses, it’s no surprise that the University of Greenwich has found its place in our lineup of February intake universities in the UK. 

Now, let’s talk about the courses that this university offers. In February 2024, they’re giving a warm welcome to students interested in different courses. From Nursing to Business Management. Construction to Occupational Safety, and Teacher Training, there’s an abundance of opportunities there.

Moreover, in addition to its rich history, this university is devoted to offering academic excellence. Hence, if you are on the lookout for an education that’s both quality-driven and set in a diverse and dynamic learning environment, this institute could be your answer.


5. The University of the West of England

The University of the West of England (UWE) is the ideal choice when it comes to research and teaming up with high-profile companies. It’s not just a place for hitting the books, it’s a spot where creativity and cool ideas flow through courses.

It offers programs in drawing, fine art, graphic design, fashion stuff, and a lot more. In simpler terms, UWE throws you into this dynamic learning setting with creative courses, making your academic journey not just about lectures but a whole aura. Moreover, this institute has direct links with the leading industries. This means it doesn’t only provide you with textbook education but broadens your horizons and delivers real-world experiences.

Thinking about kicking off your university journey in February? Well, UWE has its doors open for you as it offers a wide array of courses. So, consider enrolling in this institute. An exciting adventure awaits you!

Application Process for February Intake Universities in the UK

UK universities have a website called UCAS that students use to apply for February intake. Here are the steps to follow:

Going through the admission process in the UK involves several key steps:

Step 1: UCAS Registration: For undergraduate programs, prospective students must register through UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service). Upon registration, a username and password will be provided.

Step 2: Choose Your Course: UK universities offer several programs at the undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral levels. Applicants need to select their desired course.

Step 3: Application Form: Applicants complete the application form through UCAS, including details about the chosen course, personal information, educational qualifications, a personal statement, and references.

Step 4: Application Submission: After filling out the application form, it needs to be submitted.

Step 5: Track Your Application: Applicants can track the progress of their application through UCAS Track or the university application tracker. If selected, applicants receive notifications via email.

Step 6: Interview Round: Some courses may require an interview. Due to COVID-19, interviews are often conducted virtually.

Step 7: Application Fees: Specifics regarding application fees can be obtained from the respective universities or through the UCAS platform.

This simplified process ensures a structured approach for prospective students looking to pursue their education in the UK.


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What are the popular courses available for the February intake universities in UK in 2024?

The available courses vary by university, but common offerings include Business and Management, Computer Science, Nursing, Design, Law, and more. For in-depth information, consult the respective university’s course catalog for detailed information.


What is the significance of a February intake at UK universities?

The February intake provides an additional entry point for international students, allowing them to commence their academic venture in the middle of the academic year. It offers flexibility for those who miss the traditional September intake.


How can you stay informed about updates and deadlines for the February intake?

Keep a close eye on the official websites of the universities you are eyeing. They are your go-to source for the most recent info. And, just to be extra sure, sign up for newsletters or whatever communication channels the universities offer. That way, you won’t miss deadlines, new courses, or any statement to the whole admission process. 



The February intake at the top-notch universities in the UK is like a golden ticket for international students who have missed the September intake. Whether you’re dreaming of diving into business, getting techy, expressing your creative spirit, or getting into healthcare, these institutions have your back as they cater to a broad spectrum of academic programs.

Moreover, the admission process to enroll in these universities is like a breeze. Thanks to UCAS, it’s all laid out for you. This offers a smooth path for students who are ready to jump into the world of these esteemed universities for the February 2024 intake.

Why February, you ask? This initiative has been taken by the UK education system to meet the changing needs and preferences of students worldwide. Moreover, the February intake has comparatively reduced competition. All of these factors make Feb intake the preferable choice for those who might have missed the boat on the traditional September intake.