Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) is an essential document required for an Australian study visa (subclass 500). GTE is a statement that shows that the sole purpose of obtaining a study visa is to get a quality education and will return to the home country after completing the study program. It’s also a commitment to not misuse the study visa for other purposes such as residency in Australia.

A clear and honest statement written in English is a great idea to help the Department of Home Affairs assess your application and the purpose of coming to Australia. A to-the-point statement written in perfect English language increases the chances of getting a study visa and it also helps you cast a good impression. Always attach evidence to support your points and make sure you are not quoting any misinformation about your qualification.

GTE Requirements for Australian Study Visa

Let’s have a look at the top requirements for GTE and their importance to increase the processing time.

Add Qualification Details

Qualification detail is the most important to attach with your personal statement. Make sure you have mentioned your recent and previous degrees and the institutes from where you get your certifications. Mention institute names along with the degree titles.

Don’t forget to mention the program you are planning to study in Australia. Stating the program duration will also give a clear idea about your stay period in Australia to the Department of Home Affairs. If you have done any certifications or courses, mention them in the bullet points.

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Explain the Reasons for Gap in Education

If there is any gap between your degrees or the next degree in Australia you are about to commence, explain a valid reason. If you were doing the job then state it clearly. Briefly describe your job responsibilities and state how that job helped you achieve your professional goals.

It would be great if you attach an experience letter with it as evidence to make your point more worthy. Similarly, if it was due to Covid19 or some personal reason, state it clearly.

GTE importance and requirements
GTE Importance and Requirements

Give an Overview of Your Financial Status

A financial status overview is a next evidence required to fulfill your Study in Australia dream. In the financial status overview, you are supposed to share the list of people dependent on you, the assets you and your family have, the economic situation of your family, liabilities such as mortgage and loans.

Military service commitments and civil service are some other valuable points that can strengthen your profile.

Reasons to choose Australia as a Study Destination

You must have strong reasons to choose Australia over any other country. You can explain the value of an Australian degree and the employment opportunities it will bring to you. Similarly, appreciating Australian culture and friendly people can show your insight and research about the country.

Mention the future prospects of the course you are going to enroll in and the way it will help you to develop your intrapersonal skills.

Immigration History

If you ever have a study visa or work visa, mention it in the personal statement. In the case of visa refusal and or approval, mentioning either situation will help the Department of Home Affairs trust your words.

Usually, it takes 10 days to get a response on the GTE application. Due to the Covid19, it might take longer than usual so be patient. A clear statement with evidence can shorten the delay time and you can get your study visa without facing any issue.

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