Do you want to get PR in Australia with student visa? This article is for you to get all the guidance on how to get PR in Australia with a student visa. There are certain rules and regulations to achieve permanent residency in Australia, which you must follow in order as an international student. 

During your stay in Australia, you can file for permanent residency. You can also include a family member, partner, or parents in your application for permanent residency in Australia. Let’s discuss all the details one by one. 


Points to Ponder to Get PR in Australia with Student Visa

For the achievement of your goal or dream to get PR in Australia with student visa, you must follow the steps mentioned below:


1. Choose the Right Course

Choosing the right course for your student life in Australia is the wisest decision you have to make. You cannot choose a course just because it is in the skilled migration list, but you must look into your requirements and skills for the understanding of your preferences. If you choose a course available in the skilled migration list, it will be a plus point to get PR in Australia with student visa.


2. Select the Right Place for Studying in Australia

Before applying for a student visa in Australia, you must research the institutions and cities to enroll in. For your ease, it is more beneficial to choose cities in regional Australia. As other metropolites cities are already crowded with international students, you can get enrolled in the institutes located in regional Australia.


3. Try Not to Switch Your Course

Many students who come from other countries see opportunities in other areas they often decide to switch the course. There can be genuine reasons for changing a course, which is understandable, but it is preferred to try not to switch your course because many students switch courses due to a change of mind or by the advice of someone.

 If you do not switch to another course, your time gets saved, and you complete the course in the required duration in this way, you get PR in Australia with student visa fast. 


4. Plan for Your English Test

To get PR in Australia with a student visa, there is an English test you need to pass. Try to prepare for your test one semester before you finish your course. If you become skilled in that test, it will take you the least attempts to pass the test, and you can lead to permanent residency one step forward.


Who is an Australian Permanent Resident?

An Australian permanent resident is a person who is a non-citizen and a permanent visa holder. There are differences between Australian permanent residents and Australian citizens. Australian citizens are free to travel to and from the country, while permanent residents can travel at their traveling requirements.

You can also get PR in Australia with student visa once you have fulfilled all the conditions, and requirements and stayed for the required time in Australia for permanent residency.


Perks of Being a Permanent Resident in Australia

The Australian government offers many amazing rights and privileges to permanent residents of their country. 


1. Traveling Rights

Australian permanent residents can travel to and from Australia worldwide once they get the authority of PR. They must follow the traffic patterns that come with their permanent visa for Australia. You must show your permanent visa every time you travel to and from Australia. 


2. Enrollment in Medicare

After getting a permanent visa, you are eligible for all medical and health services provided by the Australian government. You can even get free treatment, prescriptions, and health insurance through Australia’s public and government hospitals. 


3. Unlimited Working Rights

As a permanent resident of Australia, you have unlimited working rights in which you can work for as many hours as you want for any employer. Still, there is a little exception to this some public services jobs and defense jobs can only be applied by Australian citizens, which is the next step after permanent residency and discussed in the below heading. 

The purpose of telling this benefit is that there are certain work restrictions for other visas as compared to permanent visa holders. 


4. Citizenship

Getting Australian citizenship is the next step after becoming a permanent resident of Australia. So, if a permanent resident spends four years in Australia, he will become eligible for citizenship. 


5. Family Sponsorship

Holding a permanent visa also allows you to sponsor family members such as parents, partners/spouses, dependent children, and other relatives visiting Australia. Their relatives can also become permanent residents after the sponsorship. Before sponsoring any of your family members, you must first meet the Australian Government’s required standards and guidelines.


Eligibility to Get PR in Australia with Student Visa

There are always eligibility criteria to apply for anything, and here are some essential requirements you must meet to get PR in Australia with a student visa.

  • Candidate must have passed the English language proficiency test like IELTS, PTE, or any other equivalent test. 
  • Candidate should be under 45.
  • He/she must obtain 65 points on the Points Board.
  • He/she must have fulfilled the requirements of education and work experience required for PR. 
  • He/she must be a part of the  MLTSSL, the STSOL, or the ROL.
  • Fulfill all health and character criteria of the Australian Government. 


Pathways to Get PR in Australia with Student Visa?

To get PR in Australia with student visa quickly and lawfully, you should consider these things.


1. Obtain Valuable Work Experience

To get PR in Australia with student visa, you should complete the student visa working hours in a valuable workplace or try to find an internship or job related to your course field. If you do the job in the nominated profession, you will get extra points for the permanent residency pathway. 


2. Professional Year Program

Professional year programs include fields like engineering, accounting, and IT. It has a duration of 12 months. It is a very good opportunity for you to do a professional year program in Australia if your field is related to the courses they offer in the professional year program. People who do this program earn points to get permanent residency in Australia with student visa. 


3. Complete Your Qualification in Regional Australia

International students studying in regional Australian institutions get an extra 5 points for permanent residency.


Get PR in Australia with Student Visa- Closing Point!

Australian lifestyle and student life are fascinating for many people worldwide. The institutions and the Australian government offer multiple facilities for overseas by understanding the problems as they come from different cultures and areas of the world.

If you are a student and you dream of studying, making a career there, and earning permanent residency in Australia, you can book a consultation with us or download our StudyWise App to check out your eligibility for your desired course.  


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