Ireland has become one of the most desirable locations for international students. In 2024, more than 31,000 students from around the world are enrolled in Irish universities. 

This country is cherished for its breathtaking views and warm-hearted nation. Moreover, as the only native English-speaking country in the European Union (EU), Ireland offers a welcoming and friendly environment to students coming here from all over the globe. 

Irish educational institutions are renowned for their top-notch facilities and cutting-edge curricula designed by some of the world’s best educators. Upon graduation, international students can look forward to a competitive starting salary of €30,000, a testament to the country’s strong job market. 

Want to get insider information about what it is actually like living in Ireland as an international student? Then, read ahead. In this blog, we will spill the beans and clear some popular misconceptions about international student life in ireland!


1. Social Life in Ireland


Ireland has an immersive culture and is generally considered an exciting place for international students. Irish people are famous for their social and vibrant nature and enjoy every bit of their lives. 

Thus, international students in this country have unlimited opportunities to get to know new people and forge cross-cultural friendships. That, in addition to enriching their personal lives, can also benefit their professional careers.

Besides, there are many clubs and student societies on university campuses. These cater to an extensive range of interests, from the arts and politics to sports. 

In addition, international students in Ireland also get the unique chance to enjoy beautiful festivals, explore museums and other exotic locations, and experience the local traditions. All of this can allow students to make fond memories that last a lifetime. All in all, Ireland has managed to find a place in the hearts of everybody and is a great place to live!


2. Part-Time Job Opportunities in Ireland for International Students

part-time job opportunities in Ireland for international students

The Irish government has given international students an amazing opportunity to work part-time for about 20 hours a week. This can be a great way to financially support your stay in Ireland and acquire valuable skills. However, international students should work within the permitted hours and make sure that their visa has stamp 2. 

The allowed work hour limit has been developed so that students can focus on their studies for which they have traveled to Ireland.  

As an international student, you can look for part-time jobs that suit your interests and skills on different platforms. You can either work off-campus or on-campus, wherever you get better opportunities. 

The application process for finding jobs in Ireland is quite easy and straightforward. You can look online. Also, keep in mind that some businesses don’t have a digital presence and don’t post job ads online. 

So, for such jobs, you’ll need to print out a hard copy of your CV and submit it yourself. To be on the safe side and land better job opportunities, always start your job search a bit early and be prepared for the application process.

Here are the average salaries of some of the most popular part-time jobs in Ireland:

  • Sales Assistant (Avg Salary: €21 Per Hour)
  • Tutor (Avg Salary €25 Per Hour)
  • Jobs at Bars/ Restaurants/ Cafes (Avg Salary: €10 to €13 Per Hour)
  • Library Assistant (Avg Salary: €16 Per Hour)
  • Driver Helper (Avg Salary: €15 Per Hour)
  • Babysitter (Avg Salary: €10 to €12 Per Hour)


3. Student Discount Cards in Ireland

students discount in Ireland for international students

As an international student in Ireland, you can leverage various student discounts and special offers that will allow you to manage your finances effectively. Ireland offers a lot of discount cards that deliver special concessions when you make a purchase.

Here are some discount cards on which you can avail of low-cost offers as an international student in Ireland:

  • iConnect card: Ireland’s iConnect card provides discounts at supermarkets, grocery stores, hotels, cafes, restaurants, accommodation, and, last but not least, entertainment.
  • ISIC card: It is the mainstay discount card for international students, offering exclusive discounts on numerous services and products.
  • Student Leap card: This is Ireland’s travel card that also offers great savings on restaurants, mobile plans, and shopping.


4. Accommodation in Ireland for International Students

accommodation in Ireland for international students

International students in Ireland can look for accommodation through various mediums. If you are going for on-campus accommodation, then you’ll have to consult with your university. 

On the flip side, if you want to live on your own and are looking for off-campus accommodation, then you can use online platforms such as,, and These websites come in quite handy when searching for shared or private rental properties.

Generally, the cost of accommodation in Ireland can range between 150 and 400 EUR per month. However, these costs can fluctuate greatly depending on multiple factors, including the location, facilities available, and type of accommodation.

The most budget-friendly housing options in Ireland for overseas students are shared, rented apartments. A rented apartment for International Students in Ireland may cost around 1,000 to 1,200 EUR and accommodate up to 4 persons. 

So, if you choose rented apartments, you can share them with other students and split the rent. This might ease up your financial constraints to some extent. Apart from housing, you also need to plan your budget for other things like transport, food, and other necessary expenses.


5. Quality of International Student Life in Ireland

quality life of international students in Ireland

Ireland, with its beautiful landscapes and high quality of life, is a place that values the well-being of its citizens. It’s a country that meets the standards of international students, providing a safe and comfortable environment for study and exploration.

This country secures above-average rankings on the OECD’s Better Life Index for job opportunities, earnings, housing, security, education, and health. 

The Irish government prioritizes safety for students who have come here from different countries. According to the Global Peace Index 2023, Ireland secures the top rank among the three safest countries worldwide.

All in all, Irish people are always cheerful and welcoming, ready to lend a helping hand or tell a story. This warm and friendly atmosphere makes international student life in Ireland a truly rewarding experience.


6. Higher Education System in Ireland

Seven Irish academic institutes are ranked in the top 3% of institutions worldwide. All the educational institutes in Ireland offer study programs at all degree levels and cater to a broad range of disciplines.

Currently, there are more than 32,000 international students belonging to almost 150 different countries enrolled in Irish universities for their higher education. 

The diverse educational atmosphere offered at Irish institutes, complemented by the country’s safe environment, makes Ireland a prime and most sought-after study-abroad country in the European Union. 


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How much will I spend on transport as an international student in Ireland?

International students usually spend around 1 to 7 EUR per ride, depending on the distance and the type of conveyance you choose in Ireland.


How is the weather in Ireland for students?

Ireland’s weather is typically chilly, mild, and wet. It frequently rains, and the temperature falls quite low throughout the year. Thus, if you’re coming to Ireland from a warm country, you should be mentally prepared for such weather conditions and bring suitable clothing.


How is the economy in Ireland compared to other countries?

Ireland’s economy has grown significantly in recent years, making it one of the most powerful in Europe.