Are you dreaming of studying in the UK, but feeling stressed out because of your IELTS score? Fear not, as we are here to help you out. Did you know that there are multiple low IELTS score universities in UK that accept students from all over the world? Yes, you read that right. We have compiled a comprehensive list of these universities that are waiting for students like you.

But that’s not all. We’ll also spill the beans on the application process and the documents you’ll need to make your UK study dream a reality. So, sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the exciting world of UK universities that accept IELTS scores of 5.5 or lower.


Low IELTS Score Universities in UK

Here is a list of universities that accept low IELTS score:

  1. University of Middlesex
  2. University of Huddersfield
  3. Teesside University
  4. University of Birmingham
  5. Newcastle University
  6. The University of Bristol
  7. University of Sheffield
  8. University of Sussex

Let’s take a look at the above universities to learn more.

1. University of Middlesex

The University of Middlesex is a prestigious institution in the United Kingdom. It welcomes students with an IELTS score of 6.0 and can be considered as one of the low IELTS score universities in UK. This renowned university provides opportunities for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies, allowing students to pursue their academic goals at a top-tier UK university even with a modest IELTS score.

Notably, the university offers a diverse array of courses, with over 400 postgraduate and more than 300 undergraduate options available. This, as a result, provides a wide range of academic choices for aspiring students from all over the globe.


2. University of Huddersfield

The University of Huddersfield is a public research university based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England. It has a history dating back to the 19th century. The university offers various academic programs and has been awarded the TEF Gold Award and Times Higher Education University of the Year 2013. For the IELTS (Academic) test, the university requires a score of 6.0 with no lower than 5.5 in any element. Hence, if your IELTS band score is around this, you can certainly apply to University of Huddersfield.


3. Teesside University

Teesside University, located in the vibrant town of Middlesbrough in North Yorkshire, England, is a publicly funded academic institution with a rich history. It was first established as Constantine Technical College in 1930, later it became a polytechnic in 1969 and eventually achieved a proper university status in 1992.

For aspiring students, particularly those interested in pursuing Nursing progression degrees, Teesside University upholds high standards of academic excellence. This university mandates an IELTS score of 5.0, with no sub-skill falling below 4.5. This required score makes Teesside University one of the low IELTS score universities in UK.

So, if you are interested in the nursing profession and have an IELTS score of around 5, you should consider applying to this institute.


4. University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham is a highly esteemed public research university located in Birmingham, England. It has a rich history that dates back to 1900, when it received a royal charter as a successor to Queen’s College, Birmingham, and Mason Science College. It is currently ranked #89 in Best Global Universities and is known for its exceptional performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence.

To gain admission to the University of Birmingham, international students need to meet certain English language requirements. The minimum accepted IELTS score is 6.0 overall, with a minimum of 5.5 in every band. Alternatively, students can also achieve an overall score of 80 on the TOEFL, with a minimum of 19 in listening, 19 in reading, 21 in speaking, and 19 in writing. Another option is to achieve a score of PTE 64, with no less than 59 in all four skills.


5. Newcastle University

Founded in 1963, this highly regarded UK university holds a strong reputation for research excellence. With additional campuses in Singapore and Malaysia, it has extended its global reach. The overarching goal of this institute is to nurture students into future leaders and adept problem solvers. 

Newcastle University stands out globally for its top-notch academic teaching, innovation, and creativity. What makes it even more welcoming is its open doors for students with an IELTS band score of 5.5 or equivalent. So, if you have achieved this level of proficiency, be confident that you will not just fit in but thrive in your academic journey at this prestigious university.


6. The University of Bristol

Situated in the midst of a lively city that captures the hearts of students, the University of Bristol combines academic excellence with a vibrant student experience. Bristol is a bustling yet welcoming city, brimming with diverse interests and excitement. 

This university fosters a sense of community, equipped with exceptional facilities and a dynamic Students’ Union, providing an environment where students can truly thrive. At Bristol, students can anticipate an outstanding educational journey that goes beyond traditional classroom boundaries. Moreover, applicants with an IELTS score of 5.5 are encouraged to apply. It is considered one of the best universities in UK for students having low IELTS score.


7. University of Sheffield

Established in 1905, this public research university has made a lasting impact. Renowned globally for its influential research and international perspective, it stands out as a beacon of academic excellence. 

Students who choose to enroll here receive not only life-enhancing research opportunities but also valuable guidance to set them on the right path for their future. The University of Sheffield offers more than 350 different courses and is considered one of the top 100 universities in the world. It is known for its excellent teaching and great results. You can definitely apply here with an IELTS score of 6 or above.


8. University of Sussex

This university is known for its focus on research and is considered a top-tier institution globally. It is committed to delivering outstanding academic performance and ensuring a high-quality education for its students to shape their future. With a diverse offering of over 500 undergraduate and postgraduate courses, students have the opportunity to select programs aligned with their interests. 

The university holds an impressive global ranking at #175 in the Best Global Universities, and on a national level, it stands at #19. Students having IELTS scores equivalent to or more than 6 are encouraged to apply to this university.

The table provided below outlines the minimum IELTS scores required by UK universities.


University  Minimum IELTS Score Required
1. University of Middlesex 6.0
2. University of Huddersfield 6.0
3. Teesside University  5.0
4. University of Birmingham 6.0
5. Newcastle University 5.5
6. The University of Bristol 5.5
7. University of Sheffield 6.0
8. University of Sussex 6.0


Minimum IELTS Score Required for Different Degree Levels

After the USA, the UK stands as the second most favored study-abroad destination. If your ambition is to become an international student, demonstrating English proficiency is crucial for admission. However, for different programs and degree levels, the minimum IELTS requirements vary, which you need to know about before enrolling in a specific course at a UK university.

To be eligible, applicants must present an IELTS score demonstrating satisfactory written and spoken English skills. Successfully passing the IELTS test is an essential step in securing admission. 


How to Enroll in a UK University Accepting Low IELTS Score?

Securing admission to universities in the UK with an IELTS score of 6.0 or less follows a straightforward process for both master’s and bachelor’s programs.

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Choose a University: Pick a university from the list provided above that is specifically recognized for admitting students with a low IELTS score.
  • Review Criteria: Understand the criteria for each section of the IELTS test.
  • Complete Admission Form: Fill out the university’s admission form.
  • Document Submission: Upload all required documents as specified by the university.
  • Application Fee: Pay the application fee.
  • Accept Offer: Upon receiving an offer letter from your chosen university, accept it.
  • Admission Fee: Pay the necessary admission fee.
  • Student Visa: Begin the process of obtaining your student visa.
  • Visa Interview: Attend the visa interview as required.
  • Accommodation and Classes: Organize accommodation arrangements and start your academic journey in the UK.


Documents Needed for Low IELTS Score Universities in UK

When applying to low IELTS Universities in the UK, it’s crucial to have your paperwork in order to prevent delays in receiving offer letters. To ensure a smooth application process, gather the following essential documents beforehand:

  • CV (Curriculum Vitae): Provide a comprehensive overview of your academic and professional background.
  • Passport: Include a clear copy of your passport.
  • Proof of Funds: Demonstrate your financial capacity to support your studies.
  • Academic Essays: Prepare well-crafted essays highlighting your academic goals and aspirations.
  • Academic Transcripts: Submit transcripts of your academic records.
  • Statement of Purpose: Present a thoughtful statement outlining your reasons for pursuing the chosen course.
  • English Proficiency Score: Include your IELTS score or any other English proficiency test results.
  • Letter of Recommendation: Obtain a letter of recommendation from a teacher or professional contact.


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Can I apply for scholarships with an IELTS score of 5.5?

Yes, there are several UK universities that welcome students with low IELTS scores. However, every institute has set different criteria for scholarship eligibility. Therefore, it’s recommended to check with each university, particularly in order to get better insights.

Is there a specific deadline for applying to universities with an IELTS score of 5.5?

Application deadlines vary, and it is crucial to check the specific deadlines for each university and program to ensure a timely submission.

How can students adapt to the academic culture in the UK if English is not their first language?

Universities in the UK often provide orientation programs and language support services to help international students adapt to the academic culture and improve their language skills. In addition to that, try to interact with natives as much as possible, as it will certainly enhance your English speaking skills. In this way, you’ll have a better chance of adapting to British culture.


Wrapping Up

We have given you a list of 8 low IELTS score universities in UK. Hence, if your lower test scores have made you reluctant to study in the UK, don’t worry. Apply to the universities we mentioned and go for your dream of studying there with confidence. Your goal is within reach.