We have some important news to share with you if you’re an international student planning to come to the UK. So, starting from now, you won’t be able to bring your dependents (partners, children) on your student visa unless you are enrolled in a research postgraduate programm.

But don’t worry! Your partner can still apply for a spouse student visa UK and stay with you there. To be eligible for this, you must either be a government-sponsored student starting a course that lasts longer than six months or a full-time student enrolled in a postgraduate level course (RQF level 7 or above) that lasts nine months or longer.


Requirements for a Spouse Student Visa UK

If you are a student of a research program in Great Britain and want to bring your partner along with you, then read ahead. In this blog, we have listed all the requirements for a spouse student visa UK!

1. UK Spouse Visa Document Checklist

Here are the documents required for submission during your appointment with the consular officer to obtain a UK Spouse visa:

  • If applying for a spouse visa, it is mandatory to file form VAF4A as part of the UK visa application.
  • A valid passport
  • 2 colored passport-size photographs that comply with the UK’s set standards.
  • Proof of English language proficiency.
  • Evidence of sufficient funds.
  • Proof of a relationship between you and your partner ( it can be verified through pictures depicting the two of you being together).
  • Your national insurance number, if applicable.
  • For biometric information, you need to provide your fingerprints and a digital photograph captured at the designated application center.


If you are applying from outside the UK, please provide your parents’ nationality and date of birth as well. In addition, to provide evidence of your accommodation in the United Kingdom, you need to present a document indicating your place of stay.

Lastly, as evidence of payment for the spouse’s visa UK fees, you need to provide the receipt verifying that you have paid this amount.


2. What Are the Financial Requirements for the Spouse Visa UK?

To bring your spouse to the UK, you need to confirm that both of you earn an income of £18,600 collectively per annum.

If you fail to fulfill this crucial aspect of your application, you may have to face visa rejection, as it’s the decision-making step of your visa application. The UK authorities mandate that applicants must exhibit financial capability for self-sustenance in this country. 

That’s the reason, the UK enforced a minimum earning threshold to exclude those candidates who are unable to meet these criteria.

In order to prove the financial subsistence for a spouse student visa uk, you will have to provide the following documents:

  • The bank statements of the UK-residing partner.
  • A half-year’s worth of paycheck receipts.

In addition to that, candidates are also needed to provide a letter from the employer consisting of information about the position of the employee, the duration of their employment in the workplace, the current salary, and the attachments of the corresponding payment stubs.


3. Fee for UK Spouse Visa

The fees required for a Spouse Visa UK vary depending on the type of application method you choose. Generally, a fee of £1,464 is applicable if you apply from outside the UK. Lastly, if you opt to apply in person and use premium services within the UK, it would amount to a total of £1,583 including all expenses incurred during processing.

Note: If an individual applies for a Spouse Visa to join their significant other in the UK, they can stay for 2 years and 6 months. However, if applying as a fiance or proposed civil partner, only six months of stay is allowed. After this period ends, you’ll need to submit an extension application.


How Long Does it Take to Get a UK Spouse Visa?

Obtaining a UK spouse visa usually requires 12 weeks. Nevertheless, if you apply within the country online or by mail, it only takes eight weeks to process. And if you’re in a bit of a rush, submitting your application in person domestically will give you an instant decision within just one day. Hence, it’s always good to know your options. 

However, if your application does not meet the criteria set by the UK government the time for your application may be extended. Some of the aspects that fall under this include:

  • It does not meet the income standard
  • It lacks evidence of English language proficiency
  • You possess a criminal record 
  • You fail to provide all necessary documents

So, make sure that your visa application does not have all the above-mentioned lacks.


Allow Us To Help You

We know that going through the complexities of obtaining UK visas, particularly when it comes to bringing your loved ones along with you, can be challenging. Nonetheless, there is still hope for spouses and children wishing to accompany applicants who are enrolled in postgraduate courses. 

Contact StudyWise to get help from the best study abroad consultants in town and learn about all the requirements and crucial factors that determine the success of visa applications. Although the intricacies of visa procedures may seem overwhelming at first. But if you abide by all the rules and regulations, having your loved one by your side is possible. 


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What are the updated regulations for UK student visas in 2024?

New regulations for international students in the UK were declared by the government on July 17, 2023. As of January 2024, it will no longer be possible for international students to sponsor dependents via their student visa. Dependents are defined as partners (whether married or unmarried) and children under eighteen years old.


How much bank statement is required for a UK student visa with a spouse?

The UKVI requires original documents. So, you should provide the original bank statement from the previous six months. A 6-month bank statement will notify them about your financial status.


Is the UK removing (Post-Study Visa) PSW in 2024?

As of January 1st, 2024, changes to the rules for bringing dependents to the UK on student visas may impact those planning to switch to a PSW Visa. However, students enrolled in PhD programs in UK and certain postgraduate research students will be allowed to bring dependents.