Melbourne, the second-most populous city in Australia, serves as the state capital of Victoria. Seven years running, it has received accolades for being the world’s most livable city and the greatest location for overseas students to study.

Melbourne is home to top-notch educational institutions and research centers that draw visitors from all over the world.Melbourne’s vocational schools give students the chance to gain practical experience in their chosen disciplines, equipping them to enter the workforce with a background in their sector.

Additionally, Melbourne’s schools have strong connections to several businesses, ensuring that its pupils have access to global job opportunities.


Study in Melbourne: Universities

Melbourne-based educational institutions’ degrees are respected all around the world, therefore having a degree from one of their universities will help you obtain employment in practically any nation. Students from around the world travel thousands of miles to experience life and study in Melbourne.

The top institutions in Melbourne have state-of-the-art infrastructure, a faculty with worldwide expertise, and excellent student services. Students at Melbourne University have the chance to establish a name for themselves in prestigious research and innovation centers.


Some universities to consider in and around Melbourne, Victoria:

  • Deakin University
  • Monash University
  • RMIT University
  • Swinburne University of Technology
  • The University of Ballarat
  • The University of Melbourne
  • La Trobe University
  • Victoria University
  • Australian Catholic University


Study in Melbourne: Entertainment For International Students

International students can amuse themselves in a number of interesting and fascinating ways in Melbourne where they are studying.

Weekend activities for students include exploring Brunswick’s music scene, taking a stroll along the Yarra, which flows through the center of the city, or swimming with seahorses at the Mornington Peninsula’s piers. Explore the Melbourne Zoo or take a stroll around the Royal Botanical Garden as other options.St. Kilda’s, one of Melbourne’s few beaches, is one of the city’s other attractions.

St. Kilda’s is an excellent site for students to get together with friends for a picnic or day trip because it has various grassy places. Federation Square serves as a location for cultural and community activities.


Study in Melbourne: Jobs for International Students

Melbourne is home to several enterprises, both domestic and foreign. International students can find employment in Melbourne in a wide range of settings, from cafes and pubs to larger corporations and management roles.

Being a server is perhaps the most popular student job in Melbourne since it is sociable and the hours are often quite flexible. This makes it perfect for those busy times leading up to exams and essay deadlines when you don’t have much free time. You have the option to launch your own business as an international student!


What Kind of Job You Can Do in Melbourne?

A student with a student visa is allowed to work both on and off campus while enrolled in full-time studies and earn a minimum income of $21.38 per hour, or $740.80 each 38-hour workweek (before taxes). It is likely to earn more because an average wage is often greater.


  • business of catering and hospitality
  • Store and warehouse personnel
  • Commercial and office cleaning
  • medical care
  • Vehicle industry and car wash
  • construction and painting

Various office occupations, and many more!


Study in Melbourne: Transportation

You may simply get about the area without a headache if you have access to accessible public transit. If you don’t want to bother about parking, your alternatives include public buses, trains, trams, taxis, and ridesharing services (Uber, Ola, Didi, Taxify, and Sheba in Melbourne).

On weekdays, peak times for the Melbourne metro and train network are typically from 6.30 am to 9 am and from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm.

The extensive public transportation system in Melbourne reaches out from the city center in all directions, with trains, trams, and buses providing all types of services. To travel to all the city’s major attractions, there is also the free City Circle Tram.


Tram rides are free in the downtown area of Melbourne. On the Public Transport Victoria website, look at a map of the Free Tram Zone to check if your journey is within the free tram zone.

Students who come to study in Melbourne can have access to easy and affordable means of transportation all the time. Traveling at off-peak hours might result in savings of up to 30%. Additionally, these services are more likely to have seats available and are quieter.


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Reasons to Study in Melbourne

There are many reasons for studying in Melbourne. The city has everything a person could want. Here are the 5 reasons why you should study in Melbourne.


Best City to Study Abroad

Melbourne is the top choice for students from many countries when it comes to studying. The world concurs and declared it Australia’s top city for international students. Melbourne is the second-best city in the world for education, right after Paris.

The ratings were calculated based on the standard of living, employment, educational institutions, and student life. Melbourne also received a perfect score of 100 for its population, degree of social inclusion, and tolerance.


Multicultural Exposure

Melbourne is well renowned for having a diverse population of students. This indicates that over 200,000 foreign students from over 170 different nations reside in Melbourne. The city showcases its variety with a range of activities, plays, festivals, and regional cuisine.

Celebrations take place year-round in Melbourne. The welcoming environment makes it easy for international students to establish friends immediately while they study in Melbourne.


Delight in International Cuisine

Australia’s food capital, Melbourne, has grown in stature. More than 3,500 restaurants in Melbourne serve cuisines from more than 70 different nations.

It provides a huge selection of alluring international flair. This gastronomic mecca has so much to offer, from Asian cuisine to classic Australian fare. Students can taste a variety of food and cuisine. The city has food that can suit everyone’s taste buds.


Workplace Opportunities

Melbourne draws numerous international businesses that establish development and research operations, since it is a top-known city. Melbourne is ranked as the tenth best city in the world for employability.

Students are permitted to work 40 hours per two weeks throughout semesters. There are many part-time job opportunities for international students who come to study in Melbourne.


Outstanding Lifestyle

Melbourne is regarded as Australia’s cultural hub. from stunning beaches to thrilling nightlife and innovative culinary culture. In terms of the student experience, the city is recognized as the third best in the world.

If you have planned to study in Melbourne, then you are sure to enjoy the luxurious and easy lifestyle of Melbourne with hundreds of facilities at your doorstep.


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