Australia is a popular study-abroad destination. But when someone talks about studying in Australia, people instantly consider studying in Sydney or Melbourne. But Australia is vast, with many prestigious institutions spread across the whole country. The quality of education is equally great in Regional Australia.

If you study in regional Australia, as opposed to a metropolitan city, then you are guaranteed to have numerous benefits.

For instance, compared to on-campus housing in Wollongong, Sydney might cost more than $250 more per week for student housing (regional area). Researching possible savings by opting to study in regional Australia is crucial because housing costs are students’ second-largest outlay after tuition.


What is Regional Australia?


Regional Australia is all of Australia that is not a major metropolis like Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane, according to the Australian government. Students who decide to attend school in rural locations may find it simpler to immigrate to Australia once they graduate. A sizable portion of Australia is separated into regional areas.

Many students believe that regional Australia is made up of small farms and rural villages. It does, however, contain vibrant cities like Perth and Adelaide and is bustling with activity.

More than 9 million people live in regional Australia, where one in three Australians works. There are regional areas in every state in addition to bigger cities like Perth in Western Australia and Adelaide in South Australia.


Benefits to Study in regional Australia


There are numerous benefits to study in regional Australia. Your chances of PR are increased if you graduate with a degree from regional Australia, you are awarded with scholarships and a lower cost of living awaits you. Many of the benefits that you can gain if you study in regional Australia are given below.


Extra Migration Points

The Australian government encourages international students to study and reside in regional Australia. Depending on the location you live in, studying in regional Australia may extend the duration of your Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) visa by one or two years.

On the Skilled Migration points test, which is a requirement for getting some long-term visas, you can also get points for studying in a regional area. 5 extra migration points are awarded for graduating from a regional area university while residing in that region. 

This is in addition to the five points you generally receive for earning a degree from an Australian educational institution. So this means that when you graduate from an institution in big cities like Sydney, Perth, or Melbourne, you get 5 migration points. So, if you graduate from cities in regional Australia, you get 10 migration points. Your migration points decide your permanent residency in Australia. 


Destination Australia Scholarships

You can apply for a sizable amount of funds if you decide to study in a regional area of Australia. The Destination Australia Program is the most pertinent scholarship for overseas students among those provided by the Australian government for study in regional Australia. 

The program provides participants with up to $15,000 in financing each year. So while you study in Australia, you can also get subsidized.

Australia has numerous regional universities, TAFEs, and VET institutions, many of which have their own institution-specific scholarships.


Employment opportunities 

Jobs in the hotel, healthcare, and agricultural sectors, among others, can be found to study in regional Australia. For instance, if you are a part-time student, you can pick fruit or work on a farm nearby. 

Regional locations may have fewer employment options, but there are often fewer applicants for those positions. Living in a smaller community also frequently makes it simpler to develop deep relationships with people and expand your network.


Lower Cost of Living

Regional places typically have a cheaper cost of living than urban areas. The growing demand for rent in larger cities like Sydney and Melbourne makes lodging there more expensive. 

Consider how much you could save by relocating to a regional location, whether you wish to live in shared or student housing. A pleasant lifestyle won’t require you to spend a fortune thanks to lower housing expenses you will have to tackle when you study in regional Australia.


Smaller Class Size

You’ll probably like smaller class sizes when you enroll in a course in a smaller college. You’ll have a better chance of getting to know everyone in your class and creating lasting relationships with both your professors and students as a consequence. 

Additionally, learning becomes more individualized when class numbers are smaller. Teachers have more time to give each student individual input, which frequently results in higher learning outcomes. You won’t feel neglected by teachers and there will be more student and teacher interaction if you opt to study in regional Australia. 


Easy Lifestyle

Australia is known for its laid-back lifestyle with a ‘no worries’ attitude. Studying and living in a regional area will allow you to experience this Australian attitude.

Australia is renowned for its carefree way of life and “no concerns” outlook. You will get a wonderful opportunity to experience this Australian mentality. You are going to study in regional Australia. 

You can find similar amenities and entertainment in many regional cities, including dining establishments, movie theatres, bars, and shopping malls. Additionally, there is the chance to integrate and participate in a community.

Being a part of a community might offer support and job prospects while you’re a student overseas. You can have it all by studying in a remote area of Australia.

It is most appropriate for you to study in regional Australia if you enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle. Since you may benefit from nearby hikes, beaches, and opportunities to reconnect with nature.


More Australian Culture


Australia’s rural regions are home to breathtaking natural wonders that will leave you speechless. Numerous regional locations are home to incredible natural beauties like beaches, hiking trails, waterfalls, and rainforests.

If you want to experience a true Australian culture, then you should definitely go to regional Australia. Most of the original Australian locals still reside in regional areas. Also, there are fewer tourists and foreigners in the regional areas. So you will get to experience Australia in its true essence.  

These wonders also offer a more personal encounter with nature during study breaks and weekend excursions because they are more remote and less frequented by tourists. For instance, the quaint town of Port Macquarie has a lovely seaside stroll, whereas Wagga Wagga, an inland regional center, has charming riverbanks.


Strong Community Feelings


The sense of community is frequently what entices people to study in remote Australia. Due to their close-knit communities, small towns and cities make it simpler to build relationships with others and experience a sense of belonging that feels like a “home away from home.” 

People who live in regional areas are truly humble and extremely friendly. You’ll notice that right away because residents of rural places are recognized for being kind and friendly. Additionally, as more and more people relocate to small towns in the countryside, these places keep expanding and thriving.


Top 10 Cities in Regional Australia


  1. Perth
  2. Gold Coast
  3. Adelaide
  4. Canberra
  5. Hobart
  6. Wollongong
  7. New Castle
  8. Darwin
  9. Cairns
  10. Geelong


Things to Consider Before You Start Your Study in Regional Australia


If you have decided to study in regional Australia, then you have made a right choice. But before you move, you need to make sure that you really want to move to and study in regional Australia. For this, you need to consider some important things. Your careful decisions are extremely important for your successful future. You can also see answers to the frequently asked questions that students have in their minds when they are planning to study in Australia.


Your Career Goals

Before you decide to study in Australia, keep in mind your career goals. Consider the course you are going to take and if they are available in your chosen region. Think about your future plans and how you can gain inspiration from your surroundings to achieve them. 


Your Financial Capacity

If you want to study at an affordable fee range, then you should consider choosing regional Australia. Most institutions offer study programs at an affordable rate, much less than those in big cities. 


Your Preferred Course

Look through your study interest and wisely select your favorite course of study. There are many TAFE and VET courses that are widely taught in regional Australia. If you want to study them, then regional Australia is the best for you. 


University Reputation

One of the most important factors that you should consider before choosing to study at a university or institute is its reputation. Do your research on how international students are treated on the campus premises, the quality of education provided to students, and the graduate employability rate of the graduates of that specific university.


Cost of Living

 Life in regional Australia is simple and less luxurious as compared to life in big cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, etc. The cost of living is much lesser in regional Australia. For example, student accommodation in Sydney comes to around 3k AUD per month. Meanwhile, the cost of accommodation in Adelaide or Hobart is around 1k AUD per month.


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Famous Universities in Regional Australia


Regional Australia houses many top universities in Australia. Some of the famous and internationally recognized universities situated in regional Australia are briefed below.


1. University of Queensland (UQ)

UQ has a sterling reputation for producing educated, exceptional people and is one of Australia’s top institutions for teaching and research. UQ is a student’s favorite destination to study in regional Australia and in Australia in general.

With three campuses spread out throughout Brisbane, the institution is currently home to more than 42,800 students and more than 3,300 faculty members. Business, social science, engineering, medicine, architecture, and behavioural sciences are just a few of the degrees that the universities offer.


2. University of Western Australia

The University of Western Australia (UWA), which is situated in Perth along the Swan River, is ranked among the top 100 universities in the world.

The University of Western Australia’s campus has been dubbed one of Australia’s most gorgeous campuses due to its outdoor lifestyle, surrounding natural beauty, and sunny climate. Perth is a great place for overseas students to study in regional Australia because it is also one of the nation’s most affordable cities.


3. University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide, Australia’s third-oldest university, is one of the institutes doing world-class research. They are committed to learning new things and developing innovative techniques to better prepare kids for the future.

Due to its long history, the university has had the chance to enhance its stellar reputation. In addition, the University of Adelaide is acknowledged as having made significant contributions to the prosperity, culture, and well-being of South Australia.


4. The University of Tasmania

The Institution of Tasmania (UTAS), is Australia’s fourth-oldest university. UTAS provides students with a way to experience a lively campus life in addition to a creative and intellectual environment.

With programmes in law, medicine, engineering, marine studies, and agriculture, UTAS is renowned for its dedication to offering high-quality education.


5. Griffith University

Griffith University was designed to be an institution that challenges traditional approaches and pioneers advanced ways of teaching and research in order to provide its students with the best possible education.

This university, which has six campuses in South East Queensland and hosts more than 50,000 students, has a welcoming environment for students from all over the world. It is one of the top universities to study in regional Australia.


Famous Institutes In regional Australia


There are many famous and quality educational institutions in regional Australia. You just need to do a little of your research before you choose to study at an institution.

We have picked up some quality education providers and affordable institutions that are present in regional Australia and are serving students with a quality education. These institutes and their famous courses are given below:


Skills Australia Institute (SAI) 


One of the top institutes in Adelaide and Perth is Skills Australia Institute (SAI). In addition to providing nationally recognised training, SAI values its students’ progress toward their career goals as well as their academic accomplishments.

Each student will receive the greatest academic and support services from SAI if they start their study in regional Australia, enabling them to have more faith in their abilities and skills. 


Courses of Skills Australia Institute (SAI):

  • Business Management
  • Commercial cookery
  • Early childhood education
  • Telecommunication
  • Automotive
  • Construction


Lead College


With a variety of courses created to assist students in obtaining credentials, skills, and knowledge in fields that complement their strengths and interests, Lead College is one of the top Registered Training Providers.


Courses of Lead College:

  • Automotive
  • Building and Construction
  • Children’s Services
  • Health
  • Hospitality
  • Information technology
  • Management
  • Outcomes Based Assessment (OBA)


Australian College of Management and Innovation (ACMI)


The training and assessment services offered by ACMI are in line with market trends and needs.
The institute Deliver high quality, innovative and engaging training to students in Australia and from around the world.
By maintaining a person-centred approach, the institute supports their students through their studies.
With a variety of courses created to assist students in obtaining credentials, skills, and knowledge in fields that complement their strengths and interests, ACMI is one of the best Registered Training Providers.


Courses Of ACMI:

  • Business
  • Civil Construction Design
  • Management


Skills Institute Australia


Skills Institute Australia conducts regular assessment validation activities involving trainers, assessors, professional course developers and industry experts. They are committed to deliver courses of the highest industry standards.


Courses Of Skills Institute Australia:

  • Cookery and Hospitality
  • Automotive
  • Building and Construction
  • Business
  • English


Wentworth Institute


The Wentworth Institute of Higher Education offers a valuable educational experience that ensures the quality of student learning, support, and other experiences in order to ensure that the needs for all students’ success are not only met but exceeded.

It is one of the best institutes to study in regional Australia. It is driven by the values of being student-centered, respectful, and providing individualised attention in a friendly environment.


Courses of Wentworth Institute

  • Business
  • Accounting
  • Interactive Media
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology


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