Australia enjoys a solid and enduring reputation for its educational system worldwide. They have one of the greatest percentages of people with higher education credentials anywhere in the world.

has a top-notch educational system that provides high-quality education at reasonable tuition costs.In Australia, there are 2 private universities in addition to the 37 government-funded institutions. Numerous additional specialised higher education institutes are also available.

In the top 500 QS World University Rankings for 2022, there are 26 Australian institutions, 7 of which are in the top 100. In this blog we will share reasons why you should study in Sydney and what you should do along with your studies in Sydney.

Sydney: A Top Destination for International Students

One of Australia’s most well-known cities is Sydney, which is home to the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. The city has a large immigrant population and a rich cultural heritage. With over 5.5 million residents, Sydney is the most populous city in Australia and the capital of the New South Wales state. 

Sydney is regarded as one of the world’s most attractive, secure, and livable cities. Due to Sydney’s low crime rate, you are free to roam the streets and use public transportation at any time of day or night.

Sydney, which lies on the coast in eastern Australia, has good transportation options for most Australian cities through road, train, and planes. If you plan on pursuing your study in Sydney, then you have already made a wise decision. The city has everything that an international student would want, along with top class universities and institutions.

Study in Sydney

Sydney is a hub for education with top Australian institutions for all students from around the world. The 6 public universities in Sydney that accept overseas students are mentioned below, along with their respective total student enrollments.

With 61,200 domestic and foreign students enrolled, the University of Sydney is the largest university in Sydney and the fourth largest in Australia. In contrast, Australian Catholic University is a multi-state institution that permits overseas students to move between its several campuses following their first year of study.

The 6 famous public universities of the city are: 

  1. Macquarie University 
  2. University of New South Wales
  3. University of Sydney
  4. University of Technology Sydney
  5. Western Sydney University
  6. Australian Catholic University

Members of Australia’s “top research-intensive institutions” make up the prestigious “Group of Eight,” which includes the Universities of Sydney and New South Wales. The Group of Eight was established in 1999, and seven of its eight institutions are listed among the top 100 in the world.

Sydney has 8 TAFE institutions in addition to top-tier universities for foreign students. These Registered Training Organizations (RTOs), which are government-run, provide vocational degrees in a variety of disciplines, including healthcare, construction, and many more. The TAFE NSW facilities available to foreign students in Sydney are listed below:

  1. Design Centre Enmore
  2. Centre Eora
  3. Centre Gymea
  4. Centre Loftus
  5. Centre Petersham
  6. Centre Randwick
  7. Centre St. George
  8. Centre Ultimo

Reasons To Study in Sydney

Sydney is renowned for its breathtaking touring sites, top-class universities, friendly population, and pleasant weather. 

Friendly Environment for International Students

Sydney’s population of over 1.5 million immigrants has led to the city’s natural emergence as a melting pot of cultures and a centre for the world, where foreign students from all nations are made to feel welcome.

You will find it simple to make new friends and rapidly acclimate to city life in Sydney because to the approximately 40,000 foreign students who now reside and study there, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Cost-Effective Education

Sydney provides top-notch, globally recognised higher education to overseas students, but unlike more expensive institutions in Europe and North America, Sydney offers graduate and undergraduate degrees at reasonable costs.

There are several acceptable degrees and certificates available at TAFE colleges and specialised universities for international students searching for shorter and more focused job-oriented programs to study in Sydney.

International students can also choose from a wide range of scholarships and funding options. Contact your preferred university for additional details about the various alternatives you might choose from.

Enjoy the City of Sydney

Sydney has a wide choice of extracurricular activities ideal for foreign students with a variety of interests. Sydney engages and enhances foreign students during their free time from academics with its top-notch athletic facilities, world-class dining options, vibrant nightlife, and stunning beaches.

Employment Opportunities

You will have the chance to hunt for the appropriate employment after completing your study in Sydney because international students there are given a two-year post-study work visa. In fact, within three years of graduation, almost 80% of international students get jobs.

Sydney, the biggest manufacturing hub in Australia and one of the most important financial hubs in the Asia-Pacific region, provides a wide range of employment for overseas students at both the industrial and executive levels.

Your professional chances can be greatly enhanced by studying abroad in a variety of ways. Employers will be drawn to your experience working with new individuals and coping with novel situations since it demonstrates your adaptability and collaborative skills.

Prestigious Institutions

Last but not least, Sydney’s institutions offer foreign students a stress-free university experience, world-class teaching staff, and cutting-edge research facilities. For instance, the University of Sydney and the University of New South Wales both place in the top 50 of the QS World Rankings for 2022.

There are four Sydney institutions for overseas students included in the QS World top 200, along with Macquarie University and the University of Technology Sydney. This demonstrates the city’s top-notch educational ecology as well as the opportunity for learning from sources outside of the classroom.

Cost Of Study in Sydney

The number and difficulty of courses needed to earn a degree in Australia determine the tuition expenses for overseas students. International students’ tuition prices in Sydney might vary based on the programme and courses they choose.

As a result, Sydney undergraduate degree tuition fees might range from $20,000 to $45,000. Specialized professional programmes and postgraduate degrees start at $15,000-$20,000 a year, which is a little more expensive.

The cost of housing for international students in Sydney might be significant because Sydney has the highest national average rental price.For overseas students, the average monthly cost of a shared apartment ranges between $500 and $650.

Although public transportation is practical, it is also quite pricey, costing around $175 per month. The average monthly cost for food and utilities for international students is $400. International students should also budget at least $200 for unforeseen expenses in addition to these expenditures during their study in Sydney time span.

International students at Sydney institutions are required to have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) Insurance, and the cost of health insurance varies according to one’s health status and desired level of insurance coverage. Finally, overseas students should budget $75 to $100 each week to take advantage of Sydney’s thriving nightlife and entertainment options.

Work and Study in Sydney

Many overseas students choose to work part-time jobs in Sydney in order to sustain themselves financially. In Sydney, overseas students are permitted to work up to 20 hours per week during the academic semester, and during the summer and winter holidays, they can work full-time.

Overseas students who come to study in Sydney can also work part-time in study halls, campus publications, cafes, and athletic facilities. Sydney also boasts many administrative and entertainment institutions that hire overseas students on a part-time basis and provide them with attractive compensation.

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Activities You Can Do in Sydney

Having ranked fifth in the 2019 Economist Safe Cities survey, it is easy to see why foreign students find Sydney so welcoming and cosy.

Famous coastal locations like Bondi Beach invite you to unwind and enjoy the stunning ocean views, while adjacent areas like the Blue Mountains provide you with the chance to get a taste of the real Australian bush life just a few miles from your home in Sydney.

Sydney, one of the world’s cultural hubs, is home to a number of internationally recognised event venues that are a must-see for visiting students. A few of these places are:

  • Sydney Opera House
  • Sydney Cricket Ground
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge
  • Circular Quay
  • Darling Harbour
  • Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney
  • Queen Victoria Building
  • Taronga Zoo
  • Barangaroo Reserve
  • Hyde Park
  • Art Gallery of New South Wales
  • King’s Cross

International students are coming to study in Sydney in greater numbers every year because to a mix of top-ranked colleges, top-notch athletic and cultural facilities, high-quality urban infrastructure and safety, and an infinite list of things to do and places to visit.

Sydney is undoubtedly the best place to pursue your college degree if you’re looking for a culturally and intellectually interesting experience while still being in a safe and accepting setting as an international student in Australia.

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