Among international students, Australia is the third most popular study abroad destination. The country has an excellent academic reputation around the world. No wonder international students from around the world travel thousands of miles to Study in Australia.

There are a variety of top courses to study in Australia for international students. We know universities in Australia for their student-friendly environments and emphasis on practical knowledge. It makes them the top universities in the world and the first choice of international students, interested in studying abroad. 

According to statistics, in 2019, almost 720k international students were enrolled in Australian educational institutions. Students prefer studying in Australia for a number of reasons, like: 

  • Easy admission process compared to other countries
  • High quality of education
  • High chances of PR after completion of studies
  • More career opportunities
  • Fixed wages 
  • Low immigration barriers

Picking the right top courses to study in Australia

After you have decided on Australia as your ultimate study abroad destination, the next crucial step in your study abroad journey would be picking the right top courses to study in Australia. This may seem like a simple task, but keep in mind that choosing the right course is a critical step for your future success. 

You must choose a curriculum that has a good scope in Australia. If you fail to choose a suitable course, you will have a hard time finding a wonderful career and obtaining permanent residency in Australia. To avoid the adverse results, you should choose a course or degree program that matches your interests and strengths and has a broad professional scope in both Australia and your home country.

Top Courses you can study in Australia

To save your time, we have gone through a number of courses that you can choose from and selected some in-demand courses with more chances of future employment. We mentioned these top courses to study in Australia below.


One of the most in-demand programs in Australia is accountancy. It continues to be at the top of the list and the demand for accountants is growing by the day. If you’re interested in accounting and want to pursue a successful career in the industry, an accounting degree from an Australian institution can open up a world of opportunities for you.

Accounting programs might also help you gain permanent residency in Australia. An accounting professional’s average income ranges from $70,000 to $80,000.


Nursing is another very rewarding career in Australia and around the world. Healthcare personnel play a vital role in society. Since the pandemic, the demand has significantly increased for healthcare workers. The course offers a wide range of employment opportunities and is considered one of the well paying top courses to study in Australia.

Nursing is an excellent career option if you desire a profession that is exciting, serves humanity, and makes a positive difference in people’s lives. The annual salary of a registered nurse in Australia is over $73000.


Our personal favorite on this list is Engineering. It’s a field that is required in almost every profession in the world. Now that technology is so advanced and we have gadgets and instruments for almost everything, engineering is definitely one of the most in-demand top courses to study in Australia for international students.

An engineering course degree from Australia can help you further your career and offer up a wide range of job opportunities once you have completed your studies. 

An engineering degree can help enhance your intellectual development and critical thinking. In Australia, the average pay for an engineer is $109,893 per year.

Hospitality Management

It is a booming field. Hospitality Management Course equips students with the skills needed to work in the hospitality industry. The industry is commonly associated with hotels, restaurants, resorts, and similar businesses like event planning, theme parks, and tourism. The primary aim of this discipline is to improve the guest experience and make their stay pleasant and comfortable. 

Hospitality and management courses in Australia combine a hands-on learning syllabus with a broad collection of hospitality talents. You are provided with managerial skills and a solid understanding of the industry to oversee hospitality operations. The graduates of the discipline are self-sufficient and capable of making a wide range of operational business decisions. 

Computer science and Information Technology

Today, science and technology are used to complete the bulk of jobs around the world. Computer science and information technology specialists are in high demand all over the world, including in Australia. 

If you want to pursue a successful career enrolling in computer science and information technology program from a designated Australian institution will be a wise decision for you. If you are interested in higher education, then programs like computer networks and systems, software applications and programming, and so on, will be a wise decision for you.

This course will provide you with a plethora of work opportunities after you complete the course, as well as boost your chances of becoming eligible for PR. It is becoming one of the rapidly growing top courses to study in Australia.

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