Regards! If you are an international student planning to move to Australia for your studies, then you need to know about something really important. 

From 1st July 2024, Australia will have new visa policies for temporary and visitor visa holders who wish to change their visa type to student visas while staying in this country. 

The Australian government is now seriously beginning to crack down on “visa hopping,” which allows people to renew their student visas and remain in the country indefinitely. 

By limiting this practice, the government believes it can more effectively manage the country’s population growth without reducing the number of permanent migrants.

Here is what you should know in regard to these changes as an international student!


The Albanese Government’s Agenda

People, especially international students used to remain in Australia for extended periods by switching from one temporary visa to another. This is the reason Australia is going to cut down on visa hopping. The Albanese Government wants to implement policies that will allow this country to reduce its immigration intake gradually. 

This new strategy has been developed to control the country’s population growth without limiting permanent migration.


Impact on International Students

As an international student, you should be aware of how these changes may affect your stay in Australia. Here are the key points:


1. Restrictions on Visa Changes

Multiple changes will be implemented from July 1, 2024, for temporary and visitor visa holders wishing to switch to a student visa while staying in Australia. 

Now, temporary graduate or visitor visa holders will no longer be able to apply for student visas onshore. The Australian government is going to impose this policy after conducting research on student visas. 

That research shows that almost 32% of temporary graduate or visitor visa holders enroll for relatively cheaper study courses in Australia, apply for student visas, and extend their stay in this country.  

The Australian government wants to encourage graduates to look for skilled jobs and switch to permanent residency or, if that’s not possible, explore options outside the country.

This means that you need to be more careful while planning your student visa application and, if possible, lodge your application before arriving in the country.


2. Enhanced Scrutiny

The Australian government has also started to assess visa applications more closely to identify potential misuse. This has led to increased scrutiny and longer application times for student visas.

Apart from that, this year, Australia has also introduced various other changes in terms of temporary graduate visas. These include reduced age limits from 50 to 35 years for particular Australian visas, shorter post-study work rights, as well as raising the English language requirements.


3. Population Management

The government’s measures aim to ensure visa hopping results in better population growth control. This may include increased fines for hefty violations of the initial visa issued to a person who wishes to spend more time in Australia than he is actually permitted to.


What You Should Do?

Here’s what you need to do in order to deal with this new strategy:


1. Plan Ahead

Make sure you are aware of the changes to the new regulations and plan your visa applications well ahead of time. On top of that, it is also advisable to apply for a student visa before leaving your country so you can avoid additional complications.


2. Explore Alternative Pathways

Suppose you’re a temporary graduate and wish to stay in Australia for a longer period. In that case, you should look into job opportunities that would potentially lead to employer-sponsored visas or permanent residency. This will definitely prove to be a more secure and long-term option for you.


3. Stay Informed

Many restrictions and entry requirements will change frequently, so always check the updates from the official Australian government websites and the educational institute in which you are enrolled. This will keep you abreast of any new developments or other requirements that may be in place now.

Minister for Home Affairs and Cyber Security Clare O’Neil concluded this new policy with the statement:

“We need a migration system which delivers the skills we need, but doesn’t trade in rorts, loopholes, and exploitation.”


4. Seek Professional Advice

For better guidance, you should contact a registered migration agent or a legal practitioner with expertise in Australian migration laws. You can find someone with whom you specifically can consult about your particular situation. 

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How Can We Help You?

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Is it possible to apply for a student visa in Australia while onshore?

No. After the implementation of the new visa policy, Temporary Graduate and Visitor visa holders will no longer be eligible to apply for a student visa while onshore in Australia. 


What is the success ratio of the student visa in Australia?

The Australian student visa success rate depends on the individual case of each applicant. However, it is currently around 85% to 86%.


Which state makes it easy to get a student visa in Australia?

When choosing which state is easiest to get PR in Australia in 2024, Tasmania definitely secures the top position. With its high demand for skilled professionals, incredible job opportunities, top-ranked educational institutes, best scenic locations, and better health facilities and lifestyle, it’s the easiest state to get a Permanent Residency in Australia.