Studying in Australia is a dream for many students. Australian institutes have earned top positions in global rankings because of the advanced courses they teach and student friendly campus life.

Australia has a lot to offer to intelligent students, including the employable courses recognized worldwide. There are many Australian universities for international students. Moreover, students can work while studying in Australia.

The recent work policy released by the Australian Government allows students to work unlimited hours if it doesn’t affect their studies. Previously, the work hour limit was 40 hours per fortnight. Students can easily earn AUD17 per hour, which gives them relief in their finances.

Australian Government announces worth $200 million scholarships for international students in different disciplines. These scholarships are given on a merit basis or as a financial support for deserving students.

How Much Money Do You Need to Study in Australia?

The Australian universities for international students in Australia offer undergraduate, graduate, master, and PhD programs to students. The fee structure of each institute varies from course to course. However, those who are planning to study in Australia must know that the average annual fee of a master’s degree for international students ranges between AUD$20, 000-AUD$37, 000.

For PhD programs, the annual tuition fee is AUD$14, 000-AUD$37, 0000 which is quite affordable than the other study destinations. Below we have provided the list of 5 top Australian universities for international students with their renowned achievements.

Top Australian Universities for International Students

Australia is the home of 36 world-class institutes. The QS University Ranking for 2022 enlists seven Australian universities among the best 100-institutes in the world. The ranking has been based on the university’s research contributions to society, experienced faculty, students’ achievements, and advanced programs being taught in the institute.

Let’s have a look at the 5 top Australian universities for international students in 2022.

The University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne holds the highest rank in Australia, while globally ranked as the 33rd best institute. It’s the oldest university in Australia, established in 1853, and has seven campuses across Melbourne and other areas of Victoria, Australia.

The University of Melbourne offers admission to graduate, master, and doctorial programs. The oldest known institute for its contributions in different sectors, including medical research, telecommunication, climate changes, and human rights laws.

International students interested in research and practical fieldwork must choose the University of Melbourne, as it’s the home of noble price winner professors such as Professor Peter Doherty and Professor Peter Singer.

Image Credits: University of Melbourne

The campus life of the university offers a diverse experience for students. There are 200 clubs are societies for students to involve them in extracurricular activities.

To promote physical activities among students, there is an athletic track, 25-meter indoor heated pool, and sports field. University policies encourage students to develop a great social life along with academic life.

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The University of Sydney

The University of Sydney is the 2nd best institute in Australia and ranked as the 28th top university in the global ranking. The research-oriented institute has collaborated with 90 research centers and is known as a key contributor to the research of innovative projects.

It’s the dream institute of every international student interested in getting admission to the disciplines of architecture, design and planning, medical health, and social work.

The University of Sydney is at the top of the list in terms of the graduate employability rate, as companies, institutes, and research centers prefer its graduates.

Talking about the staff and number of students, it enrolls around 70, 000 students every year and over 7500 faculty members are offering their services. With a 19.3 staff-to-student ratio and 47% of international students, the University of Sydney is the first choice of talented students and researchers.

The University of Queensland

The University of Queensland is the third institute on our list of the best Australian universities for international students in 2022. The public institution was established in 1909 and is located in Brisbane. It has three main campuses among which one is for the regular studies of the students, the second is for health facilities, and the third is specified for research work of agriculture and veterinary science.

Image credits: University of Queensland

As compared to the other universities, tuition fee for the University of Queensland is higher for international students. However, the study and job prospects it offers are much higher than that.

It’s the fifth oldest university in Australia and ranks 36 in the global ranking and is considered one of the best Australian universities for international students.

Among the 41, 917 students 17, 268 are international students. 1, 172 faculty members, including 364 international staff, are offering their services at the University of Queensland.

Monash University

On the list of the best Australian universities for International Students, we can not forget Monash University. It is a public research university and was founded in 1958 in Melbourne, Australia. It is one of the best Australian universities for international students and globally ranked as the 44th best institute. Monash University was named after Sir John Monash, a prominent World War I general. The university is the second oldest in Victoria. In addition to the four campuses in Victoria, the university has a campus in Malaysia.

Image credits: Monash University

Monash University offers practical knowledge to students and doesn’t rely on theoretical knowledge only. It has also ties with over 100 international partners that help to prepare students for employment and find opportunities in the global workforce.

With over 150 fields of research and partner institutions from all over the world, Monash University enrolls 27, 393 students every year. The total of academic staff members is 1, 364 including the 365 international staff members from different countries.

University of South Wales

The University of South Wales is the home of 48, 077 students including 21, 170 international students. There are approximately 44% of international students from 135 countries, mainly from Asia.

The 5th best university of Australia is a public research university in Western Australia, with a primary campus in Perth and a secondary campus in Albany. A research community of 8000 makes this university the 27th most employable university in the world.

Image credits: UNSW

One of the best universities in Australia for international students is the University of South Wales, which has 1, 187 academic staff members. The nine divisions of the institute offer employable academic facilities and an impressive campus environment. The campus’ prominent disciplines are architecture, Visual Arts, Art, and Business, while students interested in advanced courses should apply to Engineering, Computing, and Mathematics Law.

Students interested in pursuing a career in the healthcare sector have several options, including medicine, dentistry, and health sciences.

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