If you want to convert visa 485 to PR in Australia, then you are at the right place. The Graduate visa 485 is for international students who have previously graduated from Australia. After completing studies, one can apply for the graduate visa 485 to live and work. 

This visa allows international students to prolong their stay temporarily after completing their degree in Australia to live, work and study after graduation. It will enable you to stay for 2 to 4 more years over there. There is also one year more extension if you have a Hong Kong passport, then you may live for five years.


Graduate Visa 485 to PR in Australia

The Australian Government provides unique kinds of opportunities for skilled workers. The Graduate Visa 485 allows overseas students to gain professional experience in Australia. Due to better opportunities and a high standard of living, the students prefer to immigrate to Australia.

This Graduate visa 485 provides a sound pathway for permanent residency  for international students. This blog will provide sufficient information on conversion process of visa 485 to PR in Australia. 

If you are an overseas student who has completed his/her education and want to convert visa 485 into PR in Australia, then keep reading.


What’s the process to convert visa 485 to PR in Australia?

If you are an international student with Visa 485 and don’t know the next step, then you don’t need to worry. Studywise is the best platform to help you in PR related concerns. We will guide you on converting your visa 485 to PR in Australia. 

Yes, you can become a permanent resident in Australia after having visa 485. This permanent residency will allow you to live, work and study indefinitely. The most common endless residency forms are skilled visas and some family visas.

We will let you know how to plan things in this journey. Multiple options are available, but we have listed the best options for converting visa 485 to PR in Australia. 


Best Pathway Visa options for Visa 485 to PR in Australia

Some visas available act as a bridge to get Visa 485. With the following visa options, you can get Visa 485, and then conversion of Visa 485 to PR is the next step.

Following are some best pathway visa options for conversion of visa 485 to PR in Australia:


1. Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (Visa 482)

According to the Department of home affairs, graduate visa 485 allows a person to work for more than 18 months in Australia. The government has also updated the stay duration for visa 485 to prolong the stay up to 24 months. A person must have 2 years of professional experience to be eligible for visa 182. The Graduate visa 485 is one of the best ways to meet and fulfill this professional experience requirement. 

With visa 485, one can gain experience in their relevant professional field. After this, one becomes eligible for applying for the Temporary Shortage Visa. Visa 485 is the best option for you. It will let you live for 2 to 4 years.

If you are eligible and have completed your stay on Visa 482, you can apply for permanent residency. It is one of the best ways to convert visa 485 to PR in Australia.  



This option or pathway is more suitable for international students living in big metropolitan cities like Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne because it is not aligned with the policies of regional areas of Australia.


This pathway must require an employer to sponsor your work experience for a long time. It will likely take more than three years to complete the process to be eligible for PR. 


2. Employer Nominated Scheme (Visa 186)

This subclass of Visa is for nominated skilled workers to live and work in Australia. Employer Nominated Visa 186 requires 3 years of experience to apply and be eligible. If a student already has visa 485 and he/she has completed her stay along with the required work experience, then he/she becomes eligible to apply for Visa 186.

The Employer Nominated Visa 186 is a sponsored visa. According to the Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS), to get PR through visa 186, an employer or sponsor must be for your stay in Australia. 


What is Visa 186?

  • A permanent visa for nominated skilled workers who have a sponsor
  • Two steps process: The first step is the nomination by an employer and the second step is a visa application by the overseas skilled worker. 
  • One can apply for this visa while being in or outside Australia. Another valid visa is required that can work as a bridging visa. 
  • Other requirements are an occupation listed on eligible skilled occupations, 3 years of experience, and a positive skills assessment. 



It is an excellent option for skilled workers to get direct PR in Australia without waiting.


This visa requires an employer or sponsor as well as relevant experience in the professional field.


3. Sponsored Migration Scheme Visa 187

If you have Graduate Visa 185 and want to convert your visa 485 to PR in Australia, you can apply for Visa 187. It is a permanent visa to live and work in Australia. A professional experience of 3 years is required to be eligible to apply for this subclass of visa.

As one can quickly gain work experience with Graduate Visa 185 so it’s the best option to get permanent residency in Australia.

If you want to apply to convert Visa 185 to PR in Australia, then book your consultation now. 


4. Skilled Independent Visa

Another work visa for one can apply is a skilled independent visa. It does not require any employer or sponsor. This visa requires you to undertake a skill assessment and become successful with 65 pool mark points.  

Visa 189 is a type of permanent visa for skilled workers. It is also known as a points-tested visa. The subclass of visa 189 allows you, skilled workers, to reside in Australia permanently. 


Requirements for Visa 189

Following are the requirements for Skilled Independent Visa 189.

  • Relevant occupation listed on Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skill List (MLTSSL)
  • Suitable skill assessment of the profession
  • Lodge an EOI and invited to apply
  • Meet the test passing marks (65 points)
  • Between 18 to 44 years of age


5. Training Visa 407

Training Visa 407 is an excellent opportunity for employment with fewer requirements. It does not require an employer or sponsor. If you have studied for 12 months or have equivalent work experience, you can apply for Training Visa 407. There is no experience nomination fee required for this purpose. 

One can complete his/her training for up to 18 to 24 months, depending upon the training plan with this visa. With Visa 107 and 485, one can get 3 to 4 years of work or professional experience, which is enough to meet the criteria for permanent residency.

Visitor Visa 107 is another convenient way to convert visa 485 to PR in Australia if you want to know more, Click here


Final Words for 485 Visa to PR in Australia

It is possible to convert Visa 485 to PR in Australia. The requirement of professional work experience is necessary. If you gain work experience with Visa 485, you can apply for different skilled-based visas. 

These skilled visas bridge to applying for permanent residency. The work experience of specific years in nominated occupations is required for subclasses of skilled visas. 

To convert Visa 485 to PR in Australia, you can gain work experience through Temporary Graduate Visa. After gaining experience for 2 to 3 years, you will become eligible to apply for skilled visas. This process will lead you to convert Visa 485 to PR. 

If you want to know more or need assistance regarding converting Visa 485 to PR , then you can visit Studywise. You can download the Studywise app on your mobile phone as well.  


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