If your current student visa is getting expired soon and you want to extend your visa, you are reading the right article. Here is the complete guide on how to extend student visa in Australia.

If your visa is getting expired, you must visit the immigration office three months before the expiry date to extend your stay in Australia. It is important to clarify in the beginning that there is no such term for a visa extension of your current visa. You always have to lodge a new visa application.

As you already have an immigration record and history, the immigration officers do not make such unnecessary abandonments, and there are negligible chances of visa refusal.


Documents Needed to Extend Student Visa in Australia

Usually, the same documents are needed, which were required for a fresh student visa application. Here are some of the documents you need to extend student visa in Australia:


  • Your official/unofficial transcript
  • Extended Insurance
  • Revised COE
  • Maybe you need a health examination again
  • Passport copy
  • Previous visas


These are the essential documents needed to extend student visa in Australia. International students also have to satisfy the criteria of GTE and submit financial statement documents as evidence of their complete stay in Australia.


How to Extend Student Visa in Australia?

To extend your student visa in Australia, make sure you apply for a new one before your current one expires. If you do not, you risk being expelled, and your future visa applications may be denied.

So, do not waste time if your current visa is getting expired; start collecting your documents and preparing for the application, then complete your paperwork. Generally, applications are processed within three months, so if you have your documents ready, it will save you time if the department of home affairs needs something from you.


You can apply for the visa onshore and offshore. The processes differ little, though. If you are applying onshore, you will receive Bridging visa A. It will make you stay in Australia until the visa gets processed. If you are applying offshore, you need to wait until the outcome of the visa application before entering Australia.


Steps for How to Extend Student Visa in Australia

Here is the complete process for how to extend student visa in Australia.

Apply for Enrollment

In any case, you cannot skip or leave the course halfway through. So, extending your student visa is essential. Visa extensions can only be obtained by submitting a COE (Confirmation of Enrollment) to the authority. You can attach the document of COE with your application. The registered course must be CRICOS.

Prepare the Required Documents for the Student Visa Application

Start preparing your important documents, such as COE and health insurance cover. Create a document checklist to submit to the department of home affairs. The document requirement may vary depending on the education provider you are enrolled in. The following will be needed:

  • Proof of identity
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • Personal statement
  • Curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Approval of parents if the applicant’s age is under 18 years.


To provide health insurance to the Australian government, you must extend your Overseas Students’ Health Cover. Your health insurance company can help you extend your policy.

Genuine Temporary Entrant

One of the important steps how to extend student visa in Australia is your GTE. In the statement, you must include the following points:

  1. Purpose of study
  2. Duration of your study
  3. Family income
  4. Reasons to return to home country
  5. Student expenses


The Immigration Office will consider your overall circumstances, not just the GTE statement you submit. They will analyze whether you are violating student visa deadlines or not. The statement must be in a formal letter form. After a formal introduction, start writing your purpose of stay and the other details mentioned above.

Submit Student Visa Application Online

All that is required is to give the immigration department application details. Submit an application online, and the Department of Home Affairs will process your paperwork. Basically, submit it on your Immi account.

After submitting a student visa application, the Department sends you a letter of acknowledgment with a copy of your Bridging Visa attached.


How to Extend Student Visa in Australia?- Conclusion!

You are now aware of everything you need to know about how to extend student visa in Australia. You don’t need to worry about your stay in Australia if your current student visa getting expired. You can implement all the steps mentioned in this article and complete your visa extension process.

If you are an offshore applicant applying first time for a student visa in Australia, you can download our StudyWise App and check the eligibility for your desired course and institution in Australia.


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