Australia is the third most popular international student destination that hosts thousands of students each year. Getting an Australian Study Visa is a dream of many students. International students tend to choose Australia because of advanced and employable courses offered by the top universities, and obtaining a work permit while studying adds an extra layer of value.

However, things are not as smooth as they seem. Study Visa demands dedication, patience, and an incessant quest for learning. Visas can be revoked for failing to comply with minor requirements. 

Read the guide till the end to know about the factors you must not turn a blind eye to unless you are ready to miss your study visa 500.

Step 1: Acceptance Letter of An Australian University is Mandatory

Without an acceptance letter from an Australian university, getting an Australian study visa is just a dream. The obvious step to get an acceptance letter is to apply to an Australian university. If you are unsure about the university you are eligible to apply to, simply download the Study Wise app and create your profile to see a list of universities you can get into.

Apply directly through the app. As soon as the applied university accepts you, you will receive an acceptance letter.

Step 2: Apply for the Student Visa Application 

If you want to study in Australia, you must have a Student Visa 500. The temporary visa comes with 5-years of permission to stay in Australia. It costs around AUD 630. A student’s family members can also apply for the same visa, but they will be charged separately.

A major plus point of Australian Study Visa 500 is the permission to work along with the studies. A student can work 40 hours per fortnight and unlimited times during holidays. The Australian Government doesn’t impose any travel restrictions on students having Student Visa 500 and they can travel as much as they want until their study visa is valid.


process of getting a student visa 500
Step by Step Process to Australia Study Visa Subclass 500

Step 3: Prove Your Language Proficiency

The ability to speak the English language is another important requirement for entering Australia and getting an Australian Study Visa. You have to prove your English proficiency with any accepted English language test. For instance, the minimum IELTS band for applying for a student visa is 5.5. The band requirement varies from institute to institute. Following are the accepted English tests for Australia:

  1. TOEFL iBT
  2. IELTS Academic
  3. PTE Academics

Step 4: Make Sure You Have the Following Documents

To apply for the Australian study visa (subclass 500), the following documents are required. Missing any of these documents can delay the visa approval or result in visa rejection.

  • CNIC or birth certificate
  • Copy of your passport
  • Any document that proves your identity
  • Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE) for your course
  • Proof of your adequate health insurance. You must hold an Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)
  • Proof that you meet the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirements. The document confirms your willingness to leave Australia after the completion of your studies.
  • Language proficiency test

Step 5: Complete the Visa Application & Pay Visa Fee

Complete your visa application at the official website of the Australian Government Home Affairs. Read more and follow the instructions at Student 500 Visa Guide. Once you complete the application, submit the fee online, which is AUE 630 for now.

On submission of the fee, you get a TRN (Transaction Reference Number) that is proof of your payment. Save this TRN number as a reference to check your application status.

Step 6: Prepare for the Interview

The consular officer assesses your interpersonal skills, language proficiency, and interests. You must have a clear idea about the scope and nature of the program you are going to study in Australia. Be concise and never misquote even the smallest information. Australian Study visa interview is conducted in the English language, not in your native language. Make sure you are pronouncing words properly and have fluency in your communication.

Step 7: Fly to Australia

Once you get your Australian study visa, you are allowed to enter Australia at the earliest 90-days. Stay duration is mentioned on the visa while you also have to inform your university about the accommodation within 7 days if you have not booked it through the university.

How Long Does it Take to Get an Australian Study Visa?

The processing and approval time of the study visa (Subclass 500) vary from discipline to discipline. Study Wise consultants advise students to provide all mandatory documents because a missing document can prolong the processing time or become a reason for complete visa rejection.

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