Australia. It is categorized into several subclasses, and the most popular student visa is subclass 500. You can apply for this visa by living offshore, but you must enroll in a course for at least six weeks before the course start date.

This guide will cover everything you need to know as an international student in Australia who is planning to work while studying, like how many work hours are allowed for international students and what are the best part-time jobs for them.


What are the Student Visa Working Hours?

Student visa working hours are the time period allowed for international students to work while studying. In Australia, student visa working hours are 40 hours per fortnight (2 weeks). During their college breaks, they are allowed to work full-time. 

According to the new policy by the Australian government, all current students, new student arrivals, and secondary applicants are allowed to work for more than 40 hours per fortnight. They can work in any sector of the economy before starting their course of study until the 30th of June, 2023. After this date, the student visa working hours will remain the same, as mentioned in the above paragraph.


Benefits of Working As an International Student

There are a few reasons why you should consider working as an international student in Australia on a student visa working hours.


1. High Wages

Australia has one of the highest wages in the world when it comes to hourly wage rates; it ranks among the top countries worldwide. Even a part-time job will make you earn a good amount of money for all your expenses.


2. Strong Economy

The Australian economy is very strong and it ranks in the top 20 countries in the world regarding economic growth. 


3. Employment Opportunities

After the pandemic of COVID-19 Australia has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world at the moment. It is lying at 3.4 currently. 


Student Visa Working Hours Requirements

There are a few essential requirements for student visa working hours that you must know before working in Australia as an international student. 


Valid Work Visa

Immigrants always need a work visa to work in Australia, but fortunately, a student visa includes work rights. So, if you have a student visa, you are allowed to work for a certain amount of hours per week or fortnight. 


Work Conditions for Student Visa 500

To work in Australia while studying as an international student, you must fulfill the following requirements that come with a student visa subclass 500.

  • You must remain enrolled in the program of study for which you applied for a student visa. 
  • You must be making sufficient progress toward the completion of your course, which means that you are passing your courses of study and progressing through your course at the scheduled rate.
  • Your participation in the activities related to the course must be adequate, and it counts as your satisfactory attendance. Activities include lectures, tutorials, and examinations. 


Popular Part-time Jobs for International Students

There are not many restrictions on the type of job you can do as an international student. Here are some popular jobs you can do on student visa working hours.


1. Hospitality Industry

It is not uncommon for international students to work in the hospitality industry. as a waiter, cooks, chefs, and students. They can work in this industry part-time, meeting the student visa working hours. In Australia, the average amount of money a part-time cook or chef earns is $19 to $21 per hour.


2. Bartenders/Waiters

Bartenders work in bars, clubs, and other social activities. International students find this part-time job easy because the events of clubs and bars are usually held at night, and they can attend their lectures or course-related work in the morning or evening and then go to their job at night.  

If you enjoy serving people and want to work in restaurant management, a waiter job will help you succeed in your career. You will earn practical learning experience in the field and learn how to deal with various customers. Also, the average amount of money waiters earn per hour is $15.


3. Delivery/Uber Drivers

It is a fascinating job for those who like to drive, and they do this job as part-time delivery drivers depending on the schedule of their courses. International students usually choose their own vehicles like a car or bike, for delivery if they have one because, in this job, delivery drivers are allowed to use their vehicle over public transport. The average amount of money delivery drivers earn per hour is $18 to $25.

They also work as uber drivers if they own their vehicle, depending on the time they get free from their course of study. In this job, they have a free hand to decide when to work and satisfy the student visa working hours.


4. Baristas

A barista usually makes and serves coffee-based drinks in cafes and restaurants. Coffee culture is rich in Australia, and more than a million coffees sell a day. International students work as part-time baristas in nearby coffee shops and make a handsome amount of money. 

You are more likely to get this job if you have good English language skills. The average amount of money baristas earn per hour is $28.


5. Security Guards

The part-time security guard job is another well-paid and respectful job for international students in Australia. As there was a shortage of workers after the COVID-19 pandemic, international students got a fantastic opportunity to avail themselves while living and studying in Australia.

Australian culture is already famous for events, parties, and concerts. It all happens with good management, so the need for security guards becomes high. The average amount of money a part-time security guard earns per hour is $20, which is enough for a student to manage his expenses.


6. Sales Assistant

If you have a positive attitude and a good patience level, you will carry this job role perfectly. Usually, international students who study business courses go for this part-time job because it is related to their field of study too. They gain money and experience for their future goals.

It is one of the best part-time jobs in Australia and helps you satisfy your student visa working hours too. The average amount of money a part-time sales assistant earns per hour is $25 to $30.


Student Visa Working Hours- Final Words!

Australia is a flexible country in understanding the needs of international students, and the government allows students to learn and earn at the same time. The limitation for student visa working hours is beneficial for the students so that they can focus on their studies rather than spending more time on making money.

Hopefully, you are now aware of all the information regarding student visa working hours. You can also download our StudyWise App to check eligibility for your desired course and the best study options in Australia.


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