If you are an international student in the UK, your journey should not end at graduation. You must start the next chapter of professional growth in the UK with a Post study work visa. This post-study work visa, also known as a graduate visa helps international graduates in kick-starting their careers. Many students study in UK with an intention to begin their professional life there.

Students can avail themselves of an exceptional opportunity to apply their fresh knowledge in a practical workplace. We encourage students to apply for this visa because they can enhance their skills and open the doors to numerous opportunities in a dynamic country like the United Kingdom.

This blog post will shed light on the post study work visa, including its benefits, eligibility requirements, application process, and important details for international students looking to secure their professional future in the United Kingdom after graduation

What Is Post Study Work Visa?

The UK government has designed a post-study work visa that gives a “graduate route” to international students who have completed higher education there. It means they can stay in the UK legally for a duration of 2-3 years, depending on their level of education. 

Holders of an undergraduate or master’s degree may stay for two years. While those with doctorates are eligible for a three-year stay. Students can seek employment opportunities during this time period. The UK has launched this visa to attract top global talent. This opportunity can equip students with essential skills required in the workforce. 

Benefits of Post Study Work Visa:

International students enjoy the following perks on post-study work visas:

  • They can unlock career opportunities by gaining professional experience in the UK. Many employers prioritise hiring experienced skilled individuals.
  • The Graduate Visa does not offer a direct route to UK permanent residence. However, it can make you one step closer to ILR (Indefinite leave to remain). Graduates can secure a skilled occupation while being on this visa. Such an occupation can prove to be a stepping stone in their professional journey and can make them eligible for skilled worker visas eventually leading them to permanent residency.
  • Expanding the network is another remarkable benefit of the post study work visa. Graduates can enhance their professional networking which can help them in finding long-term occupations.
  • International graduates can enjoy better living standards during their stay in Australia.
  • They can experience international exposure.

Eligibility Requirements For Post Study Work Visa:


If you fulfil the following prerequisites, you may apply for a PSW visa:

  • Firstly, you should be present in the UK. 
  • Ensure that you have acquired higher education (undergraduate, master’s, or an PHD) from an educational institute in the UK.Your course provider must inform the Home office that you have completed your courses.
  • You have to hold a Tier 4 or student visa at the time of application.
  • A sufficient amount of money must be available to sustain the applicant during their stay.
  • English language proficiency is compulsory. 

How To Apply For Post Study Work Visa:

Step 1: Ensure you meet the above-mentioned criteria 

step 2: Gather all necessary documents. You will require below-mentioned documents:

  • A passport
  • You are required to show a Biometric residence permit (BRP). However, applicants can scan their passport instead, if they are from Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein or the EU.
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Financial statement
  • Confirmation of acceptance of studies
  • Letter of scholarship (applicable to only those students who were awarded with one)

Step 3: Create or Sign on https://www.gov.uk/website. Begin your Graduate Visa application online. Fill out the online application form with accurate information. Upload all required documents.

Step 6: Prove Your Identity by scanning your BRP with the ‘UK Immigration: ID Check’ app if you have one. If you’re from the EU or other specified countries, scan your passport instead.

Step 7: Pay the visa processing fees.

Step 8: Wait for an outcome. After submitting your application and documents, expect a decision within 8 weeks. You may be contacted if it will take longer due to document verification or personal circumstances.

What Is The Best Time To Apply?

It is advisable to not wait until the last minute of your graduation to apply for a post-study work visa. You must apply for it before the expiry of your student or Tier 4 visa.

Cost Of Post Study Work Visa:


Visa Component  Duration  Cost per Person 
Application Fee  2 years  £1,948 
  3 years  £2,572 
Immigration Health Surcharge  2 years  £1,248 
(Health Charge)  3 years  £1,875 

What To Do Next?

The post study work visa is an excellent possibility for students to advance their careers in the UK. You may face obstacles in unlocking all the opportunities due to visa rejection or cancellation. 

Most applications are rejected due to a lack of professional help. Therefore, must seek professional advice. Our expert educational consultants at stuydwise can help you overcome each hurdle in the visa application process. From documentation to submitting an application, we will help and guide you throughout all steps of the procedure. Contact us for more information.


Q1: What is the duration of the post study work visa?

 The length of your stay depends on the level of your degree.You may stay for two years if you hold an undergraduate or master’s degree. Those with a PhD or another doctoral qualification can stay for three years.

Q2: Can you extend your duration of stay in the UK with a PSW visa?

No, you can’t extend your PSW visa beyond this period. If you want to remain in the UK legally after your PSW visa expires, you will have to apply for a different visa category.

Q3: Is it possible to work in the UK after my bacholers?

 If you are an international student who has graduated from a UK-based institution, you can apply for a UK post-study work visa (PSW UK) or work permit. This visa will let you stay in the UK for another two years to look for a job or work in any field. 

Q4: Do I need IELTS for a post study work visa

If your degree was not taught in English, you have to take the IELTS test and score at least 6.5 in each section of the test to apply for the UK post-study work visa (PSW UK).