Student Dependent Visa Australia Checklist 2023 includes the necessary documents and forms required for a student dependent visa. A student visa allows dependents of international students to enter Australia. Bringing your family to Australia to study abroad is a feasible option for students.

Family members of international students have a few options for applying for visas. These options include applying along with the student or waiting until after the student visa has been granted.

The specific requirements for a dependent student visa vary depending on the applicant’s situation.

Student Dependent Visa Australia Checklist

International students have many questions about the Australia student dependent spouse visa checklist before applying for the visa. An overview of the Australia student dependent spouse visa in 2023 can be found below.

Your loved ones need the following information to apply for a visa:

Proof of Identity:

Your relative will need a current passport and other forms of government-issued identification. Identification documents such as:

  • Family History Record
  • A Passport
  • A Recent Photo
  • Birth Certificate
  • Fingerprints may be required

Needs for Health Certificate:

  • Your overseas student health coverage (OSHC) must cover everyone included in your visa application.
  • Everyone in your immediate family might have to submit medical documentation.
  • For this reason, they must provide evidence that they won’t need any special medical treatment that would exceed Australia’s budget.

Essential Personal Traits:

Documentation supporting the exemplary character visa requirement must be provided by all visa applicants.

Verification of Ability to Pay:

  • The principal student visa holder is financially responsible for any underage dependents.
  • The child will also need money to cover tuition if he or she is of school age.

Connection Proving Facts:

  • If your partner or spouse will join you in Australia, this is a necessary step.
  • A certificate of registration is sufficient evidence of legal status if you are not married.

Kids’ School Plans Must Be Proven:

  • You will need to confirm that you have secured schooling for any small children you plan to bring to Australia.
  • Even if they aren’t joining you in Australia, you must list all immediate family members on your student visa application.

Financial Requirements for Student Dependent Visa Australia Checklist in 2023

  • Australia student dependent visa 2023 applicants must also meet financial requirements.
  • To stay in Australia on a dependent visa, you’ll need to show proof that you can support yourself economically.
  • If you want to study in Australia, you’ll need to show that you are financially capable of supporting yourself for the first year.
  • Dependent spouses should expect annual living costs of about $7,600 and annual travel costs of about $2,000.

Processing Time for Student Dependent Visa Australia Checklist in 2023

  • The processing time for a dependent student visa is about four months.
  • An applicant who is accompanied by a close relative must follow this rule.

Requirements for Student Dependent Visa Australia Checklist 2023

For a student visa upon future entry, in addition to the above-mentioned supporting documents, you must also provide:

Form 919:

If you have family in Australia, they can complete this nomination form and submit it to you to include with your visa application.

Student Visa for Repeat Visitors Form 157A:

This form is required when applying for a student visa to Australia as a late entrant.

The Institution’s Offer Letter:

  • Student visa applications require recommendation letter from an educational institution.
  • Include details regarding your loved one’s major, enrollment duration, and academic performance in this letter.
  • Your relative in Australia will need to request this letter from their school and mail it to you.

Validation of Funding:

Bank statements for the last six months and a letter from the sponsoring bank must be provided. This is if your Australian spouse or partner pays for your stay.

Application Fee for Student Dependent Visa Australia Checklist 2023

The standard application fee is AUD620. The visa fee may change if you apply with a spouse or children.

What To Do Next?

In conclusion, obtaining a student dependent visa Australia checklist in 2023 requires careful preparation and adherence to a comprehensive checklist. The visa process can be complex and time-consuming, but by following the necessary steps and gathering all the required documents, you can increase your chances of a successful application.

The Student dependent visa Australia checklist includes various essential items. Financial evidence is another vital aspect of the checklist. Medical examinations and health insurance are also essential.

By following these guidelines, you can embark on an exciting journey to Australia and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones.


When I study in Australia, can my partner join me?

In the case of an Australian student visa application, your spouse or partner may accompany you. If you’re claiming to be a partnership, you’ll need to prove your relationship.

The link can be proven by leasing agreements, registration papers, ownership documents, a child’s birth certificate (if appropriate), and similar documents.

Can My Family Members Work While I’m Studying in Australia?

Your family members are welcome to start working in Australia as soon as your course ends, but they cannot begin before then. Masters and doctorate students have no time limits on family employment.

Family members of Visa 573 and 574 holders can also work without restrictions.

After receiving my student visa, what happens if I get married?

If you acquire a dependent after your student visa is approved, you will need to submit another application.

Your updated family member must be included in your first student visa application, along with an explanation of why they weren’t included before.

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