Yes, you can change your current courses in Australia as an international student. You may have many reasons that compel you to pursue not a particular course. Specific courses may align best with PR or the course you took may not match your academic goals any longer. No matter what is the reason behind your decision to change courses in Australia, it is essential to consider each aspect.

In this guide, we will walk you through key considerations before taking this decision, a step-by-step process about how to change course and other significant related aspects.

Key Considerations Before Changing Course In Australia

Changing courses can be a big decision in your academic journey. Thus, it is crucial to think about each possible aspect, so you make an informed decision. Considering the following factors can be helpful for you before changing course:

  • Australian Student Visa Regulations

The Australian Student Visa rules changed in July 2022 and made it harder for international students to change courses in Australia. Therefore, students who want to change their courses in 2023, must think wisely. Furthermore, students need the Australian Education Minister’s approval to change their courses for postgraduate studies such as a Master’s degree or doctorate. 

They also need a release from their current provider if they want to change institutions before completing six months of their course. If their institution refuses to provide release, students can make an appeal.  

  • Conduct Your Research:

When you intend to apply to an institute for a course change in Australia, it is important to conduct research or pay a visit to the institution. Think about what matters for your well-being, like facilities, services, and student life because these elements are crucial. 

Research can help you choose wisely. Make sure your new course is also approved by CRICOS. You can find Australian courses and providers for international students on their website.

  • Check Policies Of Your Institution:

It is essential that you are also informed about the transfer policy of your current institution. Your institution may not support transfer policies or may have such regulations that can affect you in the future. Therefore, go through all the rules and regulations related to transfer. It is a must that you also check their refund policy in case you are transferring to any other institution. 

  • Seek Consultations From Professionals

Consultants deal with such tasks on a daily basis and have extensive experience. Therefore, must seek help from a professional educational adviser when you want to change courses in Australia. They can also help you in acquiring financial aid.

  • Impact on Your Student Visa

Changing course can have an impact on your student visa, if you change your course from a degree to a diploma or choose a lower level of educational certificate. In such a case, you will have to apply for a new student visa to change courses in Australia according to the Simplified Student Visa Framework (SSVF).


However, If the new course students opted for is at the same or higher level as their current course, they don’t need to apply for a new visa. For example, you can switch from a Bachelor’s degree to a Master’s degree without a new visa.


Changing Course Within Same Institution In Australia:

After the completion of six months, it is easy to enrol on another course within a similar institution. Your transition to a new course will be possible if you fulfil all the academic standards. After formal paperwork and submitting all the documents, you can join the new course. However, if six months has not been passed, you need to follow these steps:

  • Tell reason to your course provider about who is interested in changing your course.
  • Ask them for permission and request a release letter. You may need to provide some reasons or evidence for your request.
  • Find a new course that you are interested in and that has seats available. You can check the institution’s website for authentic information.
  • Apply for the new course and get a letter of offer from the department who is offering the course. 
  • Show the letter of offer and the release letter to your current course provider and confirm your withdrawal from your current course.
  • Lastly, you can enrol in the new course.

Transitioning Course To Different Institution 

Changing courses in Australia can be difficult if you are changing to a different university. Some universities may not even accept it. However, if both universities have a policy that allows changing courses, you can transition to a new course. If you want to change your course to another institution, you need to follow these steps:

  • Apply for your new course. You need to have a letter from the other institution that says they have accepted you. You can’t move to another institution if you don’t have this letter. Talk to your current institution about how to do this. The new course provider will let Australian authorities know about the changes you made. After that, Your ImmiAccount will show your new course details.
  • Explain why you are interested in changing courses in Australia. You need to give a good and honest reason for why you want to change and show the letter from the other institution to your current one. If they agree with your reason, they may let you change your course.
  • Pay any fees or charges that you owe to your current institution. Your current institution may give you some rules or conditions after you get a no-due certificate.
  • Provide all the documents that you need to enrol in the new institution to change courses in Australia. You may need to provide them with transcripts and other relevant certificates from your previous institution.
  • Check the requirements and regulations of the new institution. You may need to show them your transcripts and documents that prove your academic skills. Make sure you are eligible for the new course
  • Get ready for your new course and institution.

How Studywise Can Help You?

Our experienced educational consultants at istudywise deal with international students who come to Australia and need guidance. We will provide you with expert advice. Contact us to achieve your goal of changing courses in Australia. We will ensure that you don’t face any obstacles in the procedure. We can help you get into the course at the institution of your preference.


 Q1: What are the costs of switching courses or universities in Australia?

Your enrolment is finalised on the Census Date. To avoid extra charges, change your course before this date. You may get refunds on your fees. You will also pay fees at your new course or university.

Q2: Can you change your degree from a Bachelor’s to a diploma in Australia?

You need a new student visa to study at a lower level under the SSVF.

Q3: Does changing universities have an impact on your post-study work visas?

 No, changing courses does not affect your post-study work visa. You can apply if you qualify for a Temporary Graduate visa after completing your studies.