How to know all the information regarding studying abroad, especially in Australia? There are many study apps that offer different features in order to meet the students’ expectations.

This article will enlighten you with all the key features that study apps so that you don’t face any difficulty while deciding on your immigration to Australia.


Why You Should Download Study Apps?

Do you want to study at the top Australian universities? Study Apps have made it easier for you. Some of them are Artificial Intelligence driven applications that are approved by the Australian government. You just have to download the app and add your academic details the rest will be done by the app.

Here are the features of the best study apps.


1- Study Courses in Australia

You can easily find and evaluate different study courses in Australia. Study apps provide detailed information on the course content, entry requirements, cost, and other details to assist you to make an appropriate decision.


2- Select Courses From the List

As you can easily access a variety of courses and institutes in Australia. You can view full institution profiles, explore campus locations, and save and evaluate your favorite courses for future comparison.


3- Requirements for Student Visa

You can quickly understand the student visa requirements for studying in Australia with the help of study apps, make it simple to discover the correct visa, and comprehend all of the documentation required before applying.


4- Check Eligibility for Your Desired Course

These apps will also assist you in determining whether you are the right match for your desired degree and whether you are eligible to apply for your desired degree/course or certificate.

If the app determines that you match the criteria, you will receive an immediate green tick and be able to continue with the application process. You will also have the opportunity to obtain an invitation from the app for specific courses from various institutes.


5- Track Your Application

Study apps also allow you to track your visa application where you can monitor and examine the status of your applications in an ongoing manner with the app’s progress tracker.

You will also receive updates or notifications from the app’s professional staff throughout your journey so that you can stay informed about any changes or developments with your application.


6- Sorting Out Your Student Visa Paperwork

Study Apps provide a secure document upload service, allowing you to effortlessly submit all of the required paperwork to begin your study abroad journey. Study professionals evaluate and check the information to ensure it’s accurate, and you have the choice of making it totally digital or combining digital with in-person processing.


What Edge do Apps that are Driven by Artificial Intelligence have over Other Apps?

Study Apps that are driven by Artificial Intelligence show you the best courses to make you enroll at a suitable education provider. Based on your interests and visa constraints, the AI-powered tool helps you locate the finest study programs from 100+ world-class colleges and universities. With over 500 options to choose from.


Here are some of the best applications you should check out!

We have done deep research on many study apps and here are the best apps that we have found for you after a thorough Analysis:


Our Recommendation!

Study apps tell you all the information regarding study courses, education providers, visa updates, recommendations for best study options, and much more. Hope you have checked all the features that best study apps must have.

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