Do you want to study abroad as a South Asian student? You must be looking for a complete guide or step-by-step process for how to study abroad and in which country. Your wait is over this guide will give you all the information you need to study abroad.

To study abroad the first thing you need is a student visa which is categorized into different subclasses depending on the country you are going to study. Here, we are discussing Australia to study for south Asian students so, if you are one of them you need the student visa subclass 500 too.


Study Abroad in Australia

To study abroad in Australia the first step to know is your requirements and eligibility for a student visa.

Student Visa Subclass 500

International students seeking to study in Australia can apply for a Student Visa 500. If you wish to study in Australia, you must have a visa of 500 or have applied for one. That is only a temporary visa. Visa 500 will help you stay for 5 years in Australia. Check out more requirements to apply for a student visa.


Documents Required for student visa subclass 500

  • Offer Letter
  • CoE
  • English Language Proficiency
  • Proof of financial sponsorship and funds
  • Birth certificate
  • Passport
  • Provide GTE
  • Proof of Health and character


Why Choose Australia to Study Abroad?

There is a variety of reasons south Asian students choose to pursue higher education abroad, especially in Australia. Some of the primary reasons include.

Better Opportunities

Many students from south Asia believe that universities and colleges in developed countries are offering better educational opportunities than those in their home countries. They are right in this because if we talk about Australia it has top universities and colleges recognized all over the world.

Gain Exposure

Australia is a multicultural country where people come from all over the world with different cultures, languages, and religions. In this way, students studying in Australia will open to gain exposure to the cultures of other countries as well.

High Employment Rate

The fact that Australia has one of the lowest unemployment rates makes it one of the greatest countries to study in. Even during the pandemic, Australia was believed to have the lowest jobless rate. So, it is more beneficial for international students to study in Australia than in other countries.

High Wages

Even the minimum wages in Australia are among the highest worldwide. So, international students who are planning to study abroad also want to earn a good amount of money with their studies because doing part-time jobs can make them earn money that can fulfill all their expenses if they study in Australia.


Steps to Apply To Study in Australia

Common steps that international students must take to apply for study abroad in Australia.

  • Choose the course and institution
  • Check visa and institution requirements
  • Plan your budget for fees and living expenditures
  • Directly apply to the institution and receive an offer letter
  • After paying the fees, receive CoE
  • Apply for a student visa


How to get a Scholarship to Study Abroad in Australia?

International students as immigrants in Australia have become a very essential part of the Australian economy. International students have access to many scholarships, including south Asians. Scholarships are provided based on merit, and applicants must validate their eligibility in order to qualify for a scholarship. In Australia, there are no qualifying exams for scholarships. For that purpose, it might be necessary for students to take the IELTS exam to verify their English language skills.


Australia Awards

The Australia Awards is a scholarship given by the Australian government that covers many the things like tuition fees, living expenses, and OSHC.

Australian Institutions

Every institution operates in its own unique way. Various institutes handle international students in different ways. Yet, there are several institutes in Australia that provide scholarships to qualified international students. Hence, if you are applying for a student visa in Australia, you should visit the websites of the institutes where you intend to apply for their international student scholarship programs.

Australian Embassies

If you check for the Australian embassy in your country, you may find a wealth of information on Australian government scholarships, grants, and student aid programs, among other things. Therefore, it is suggested that you visit the embassy in your home country or their website. These grants are sometimes given to students from specific nations.


Study Abroad- Conclusion!

Studying abroad can be easy when you know which country to go to that can facilitate you to the fullest. Australia is one of the best options in that case. You can also check your eligibility for a particular course program in Australia through StudyWise App and take expert advice from student advisors.



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