Do you have a dream of studying in Australia? If yes, You can be one of those students and explore the amazing country with its beautiful scenery, high living standards, and excellent education. To achieve your dream, the most essential thing that you need to do is to get a visa and be aware of all Australia student visa requirements.


To start your journey in this country, you need to know how to apply for your student visa. In this blog post,  we will inform you about the crucial Australia student visa requirements.

What Is An Australian Visa?

Interested students need an Australian study visa to be eligible for studying in Australia. This is a digital document that lets you stay and learn in Australia for a certain time period. All the details of visa holders are saved online and checked by the immigration officer when you land in Australia.

There are various categories of subclasses on the basis of various courses. The most common one is the subclass 500 visa, which lasts for five years. This visa allows students to work, study and stay lawfully in Australia. 

Visa holders of subclass 500 can work for 40 hours per fortnight. You can get this visa if you fulfil all the Australia student visa requirements

The other types of student visas include the following subclasses:


Visa Subclass  Description 
Subclass 570  This is designed for international students pursuing ELICOS (English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students) as a standalone program. 
Subclass 571  It is intended for international students enrolling in primary school, secondary school, or authorized secondary school exchange programs. 
Subclass 572  Covers Certificate I, II, III, and IV, Diploma, and Advanced Diploma courses. 
Subclass 573  Applicable to students pursuing a Graduate Certificate, a Graduate Diploma, or a Bachelor’s Degree. 
Subclass 574  This is reserved for those seeking a Master’s degree by research, other Master’s degree courses, and PhD programs. 
Subclass 575  For students enrolling in foundation, bridging, or non-formal certificate courses that do not lead to a degree or diploma. 
Subclass 576  These types of courses are financed by AusAID or the defense, as part of an educational or training program offered by an Australian educational institution. 

What Are Australia Student Visa Requirements?

The first step in your student visa journey is to select an educational institute that is on the CRICOS list. This list includes all the accredited courses and schools for international students. To meet Australia student visa requirements, selecting CRICOS-approved institute is necessary. Furthermore, CRICOS courses are high-quality and taught by good teachers.

The school will review your application, and supporting documents, and maybe conduct an interview when you apply for a course. Educational institutes will grant you an offer letter if they select you. 

This letter is of utmost significance as it outlines prerequisites the student must fulfil in order to enrol in the course, for instance, submitting documentation of their English language, the cost, duration, and other details of your student visa. 

2- Confirmation of Enrolment

 One of the most important Australia student visa requirements is to obtain a confirmation of enrollment. The institute will grant you a confirmation letter when you get accepted and pay the tuition charges for the course.

 The purpose of Confirmation Of Enrolment is to show that you are enrolled in a certain course. You need to attach your CoE along with an application of an Australian study visa. 

3-Language proficiency 

English language proficiency is one of the essential Australia student visa requirements.Most people in Australia, about 73%, speak English at home. Students must provide evidence of their language proficiency by taking one of the following approved test:


English Language Test  Minimum Score Required 
IELTS (Academic)  Overall band score of 5.5 or higher, with no individual band score less than 5.0. 
TOEFL iBT  Total score of 46 or higher, with a minimum of 10 in each of the four test components. 
PTE Academic  Overall score of 42 or higher, with no communicative skills score below 36. 
Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE)  Overall score of 162 or higher, with no less than 154 in each skill. 
OET (Occupational English Test)  At least a “B” grade in each of the four parts of the test 


Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) 

The GTE is a rule that the Australian government made in 2011. According to it, students interested in studying in Australia must provide a personal statement that they intend to learn instead of choosing a study visa as a means to become Permanent resident. 

This statement should represent that you have a clear goal for studying in Australia and that you will leave when you finish your course. GTE is one of the  Australia student visa requirements, and is a vital part of visa application. Applicants will have to write a personal statement in English that entails:

  •  Educational history (with grades)
  • Current job and work experience if you have any
  • Reasons to go back to your country
  • Financial condition
  • Travel history

Welfare arrangement:


Welfare arrangement is eligibility requirements is only for those applicants who are below 18 years old. According to Australia student visa requirements, those applicants must prove that they have an appropriate welfare arrangement during their stay period in Australia. This means that you have either:

  • A parent or legal custodian above 21 years old who can take care of you and has a valid visa to stay in Australia
  • A Confirmation of Appropriate Accommodation and Welfare (CAAW) letter from your course provider or any registered student exchange organization that states they will arrange your accommodation, support, and general welfare

Financial requirements for studying in Australia.

According to Australia student visa requirements, you need to have enough money to pay for your tuition fees, living costs, and travel expenses. Therefore, applicants need to provide:

  • Bank statements 
  • If they are applying on the basis of scholarship, they must provide its proof
  • Proof of your parent’s or partner’s income. They must have earned at least AUD$62,222 in the year before you apply. However, if your family members are accompanying you they must have earned at least AUD$72,592.

Requirement For Health Insurance: 

According to  Australia student visa requirements, It is a must to meet the health requirements to be eligible for a study visa. Therefore, students must go through all the health checkups to demonstrate they are in excellent health.

Furthermore, they also need to buy an Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) scheme from an Australian provider that is approved by the government. The OSHC costs at least AU$450 (for one person for one year).

Character Requirements:

It is also necessary to meet the character prerequisites to enter Australia. Australia wants to ensure that international students studying in Australia have no criminal record. This is why character prerequisite is one essential  Australia student visa requirement. 

Therefore, you need to get a police clearance certificate from the country where you have stayed within the past 10 years. The purpose of this certificate is to assure Australian authorities that you have not committed anything illegal in your past.

Pay The Visa Fees:

Each visa has a cost. It is essential to pay for it according to Australia student visa requirements. This study visa fee is non-refundable. Charges of each subclass may vary with each other.  For subclass 500, the fee starts from AU$710.

How To Apply For A Study Visa?

You can follow the below-mentioned steps to apply for Australian student visa:

Step 1: Ensure that you fulfil all the above-mentioned Australia student visa requirements. 

Step 2: Get your documents ready for your visa application. You will require the below-mentioned documents:

  • A filled application for an Australian student visa (form-157A)
  • A visa application fee, which is usually AU$650
  • A copy of your passport bio page (some students may need to give their passport too)
  • Four passport-size photos (new)
  • National ID Card and Birth Certificate
  • Academic Records

Step 3: Apply online for your student visa on the website of the Department of Home Affairs (DHA). Make an ImmiAccount and fill in the application form. 

Step 4: Pay the visa application fee.

Step 5: You may also need to give biometric information, like fingerprints or a face photo, and go to an interview. Applicants must stay honest during the interview.

Step 6:  Wait for the visa outcome. A Transaction Reference Number (TRN), a special number, is assigned to each online application. You can see the status of your application by tracking down TRN.

What To Do Next?

 Australia student visa requirements are crucial to know and follow before submitting an application. Because these requirements can affect the outcome of the visa process. The process can be challenging. Students may commit a minor mistake which can lead to visa rejection. Seek professional advice to avoid any cancellations. 

Studywise is a company of registered educational consultants. We ensure that you achieve your dream. The success rate of visa grants for our customers is 85%. If you want our guidance, book a consultation right away. 


Q1: Are you allowed to do work as a student visa holder? 

According to visa conditions, applicants can work for 40 hours fortnight during their course. In the holidays, study visa holders can work for as many hours as they want.  

Q2: Can I get admission to Australia after a 2-year break? 

Most Australian universities are flexible and considerate about a 1-2-years gap. However, you have to show strong and valid reasons for the gap. They will grant you a visa after analysing your interest and commitment to pursue higher studies in Australia for a longer duration, especially for undergraduate and diploma courses.

Q3: Is IELTS recognised by Australia for immigration purposes? 

Yes, the Department of Home Affairs in Australia accepts IELTS for many visas including student visa.

Q4: Why does Australia reject most student visa applications even after they fulfil  Australia Student Visa Requirements

Applying for any visa in Australia involves providing a lot of documents to prove your eligibility and intentions. Many applicants fail to submit enough information in their application. This is the main reason behind visa rejections.

Q5: How often does Australia refuse student 

visa applications?

The student visa acceptance rate for Australia was 50% in 2022.

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